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Morning Coffee: Erin Heatherton, LiLo’s Lips, King Felix Got Paid and 10 People You Won’t Believe Won a Grammy


Erin Heatherton looks like a girl you could bring home to mom … Retired Packers WR Donald Driver is a stand up dudeKate Upton in a recording booth in slow motion because why not? … Ron Jeremy is doing well after his heart surgery … Here are 10 people that you won’t believe have a Grammy Award … Mom of the year candidate passes drugs to her son through an open mouth kiss … Lindsay Lohan looks like she took a bicycle tire pump to her lips … King Felix got paaaid from Seattle to the tune of $175 million

Morning Coffee: Candice Swanepoel & Erin Heatherton, Is Kris Humphrey’s Kim K’s Baby Daddy & Rex Ryan Has a Tattoo of His Wife Wearing a Sanchez Jersey

erincandiceErin Heatherton and Candice Swanepoel frolicking … Great news for anyone that just bought an iPhone 5, not … Here are the best stupid criminals from 2012 … Sideline waitress may have sidelined Stephen Jackson … Packers fans better tailgate hard this weekend because no alcohol will be sold after half time

The 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Drinking Game with Scouting Report


It is that glorious, glorious time of year again.  A time when there is a chill in the air but more than a dozen of the hottest women on Earth strut their stuff in prime time to keep us all warm.  The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a staple of the winter season, without it many men would not even wake up between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Every year, we like to do something special for the occasion.  In 2010 we did a scouting report and last year we did a drinking game.  This year, we decided to bring the two together.