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ESPN Releases ‘Youngstown Boys’ 30 for 30 Trailer


Many people around Northeast Ohio, if not all of them, are eager to see what the World Wide Leader has in store for their upcoming 30 for 30 “Youngstown Boys”, which follows the path of both running back Maurice Clarret and head coach Jim Tressel.  Today, we got a little taste as ESPN has released a trailer for the special that is set to air right after the Heisman Ceremony at 9pm on December 14th.

“What if I told you they were undefeated on the field…but under fire off of it?”

ESPN ’30 For 30′ On the Space Jam Game Could Be The Best Documentary Yet


Everyone loves ESPN’s documentary series “30 for 30″.  They have had classics such as “Pony Excess” on the fall of the SMU football program or “Run Ricky Run” which profiled the rise and fall and re-rise of Ricky Williams.  Perhaps my favorite of all was “June 17th, 1994″ which recapped the day OJ Simpson was pursued and arrested on charges of murdering his ex wife and her boyfriend.  What was so epic about the doc was that there was no commentary and it was presented with only news reports.

Did Stuart Scott Open SportsCenter with ‘We’re coming, you better swallow’?


For a slight moment, I thought Stuart Scott had pulled off one of the funnier pranks at the World Wide Leader, but after further review and checking in on Twitter, I was bummed to find out that my ears had just played tricks on me.

During the opening of SportsCenter from Saturday night, Stuart Scott gave the usual run down.  But when it came time to bring in the show, it sounded like he had made a perverted comment.  Obviously when I first heard it, I was a little shocked.  I mean, this is Stu we are talking about.  We are used to his catch phrases and what not, but to make a comment like this is uncharacteristic to say the least.  Take a listen.

Chip Kelly Rear Ends Oregon and Will be Taking the Philadelphia Eagles Head Coaching Job

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/mortreport/status/291590864059392000"]

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen and NFL Insider Jay Glazer, Chip Kelly will be the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Although no official announcement has been made by the team, league sources have confirmed this to be true.

Nine Men Arrested in Florida for Gambling Ring Involving Youth Football


Oh Florida, you never cease to amaze me…and I live in Ohio, so that is really saying something.

Earlier this week, 9 men in Broward County, just outside of Miami, were arrested in connection with a huge gambling ring that was centered around youth football games.  Several of the arrested men were reportedly coaches in the league and had extensive criminal backgrounds.

Stephen A. Smith Drops a Sizable N-Bomb on ESPN

Twitter just exploded.

While talking about Kobe Bryant on First Take, it appears (and sounds) like Stephen A. Smith dropped a “n*gga please”.

You guys go ahead and judge that one while I wait to hear what Stephen claims he said on Twitter.

Also, as The Big Lead points out, this isn’t Screamin’ A’s first debacle.