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Hurricane Sandy Brings Old Municipal Stadium Back to the Shores of Lake Erie


Back in 1996, the home of the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Indians was demolished.  Old Municipal Stadium was outdated and no longer needed since the Indians had a brand new place on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario and the Browns, well, you know.  It was decided that the debris from the demolition would be put into Lake Erie to help create 3 man-made reefs for divers and fishermen. 

Brazilian Model Nana Gouvea Turns Wreckage from Hurricane Sandy into Props for Photo Shoot


Nana Gouvea moved to New York City with her husband just after Hurrican Irene ripped through the east coast at the end of Summer last year. This would lead you to believe that she would understand the amount of pain and suffereing the city, and it’s residents, would be going through after the devastation that Hurricane Sandy imposed earlier this week.

Well, apparently that assumption would be completely wrong.