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The Cleveland Indians Made The Most Of Their Rain Delay

aviles slide

During the end of an almost four hour rain delay, Cleveland Indians infielder Mike Aviles called up manager Terry Francona to ask permission to do a traditional tarp slide.

“I asked him if we could,” Aviles said of his brief chat with Francona. “He didn’t really say, ‘No,’ but he didn’t really say, ‘Yeah.’ I didn’t hear a, ‘No.’ It was like a, ‘Maybe.’ It counts. You’ve just got to read between the lines.”

Jason Kipnis Gets Doubled Up, MLB & YES Network Give Credit to Derek Jeter Without Him Touching the Ball

jason kipnis

It’s getting old. Just like the Yankees short stop himself.

Every city Derek Jeter —  and last year Mariano Rivera — goes to, he is lauded over and given gifts because it is his retirement year. Pretty stupid idea if you ask me.

Yes he had a great career. Leave it at that. He’s your opponent. Act like it.

Morning Coffee: Hannah Davis, Yu Darvish One Out From a Perfect Game & Jay-Z is Robinson Cano’s New Agent


The DirecTV Genie, Hannah Davis // Britney Griner’s career is over at Baylor, is the WNBA next for her? // A Toronto Blue Jays fan refused to give Jason Kipnis his bat back after Kipnis let it fly // Tiger Woods is BACK, according to Sports Illustrated // Rutgers head basketball coach is under fire for assualting players during practice // Texas Rangers stud pitcher Yu Darvish came painstakingly close to a perfect game with one out to go // For all you fans of Finding Nemo, you’ll be happy to hear about Finding Dory // Mountain Man survives six years on the run from authorities, has a laugh with them when he is caught // We could have had the house from Rob and Big, it just sold cheap // New iPhone 5S coming this Summer? //

Fan Steals Phone Number of Baseball Player, Player Retweets the Text Conversation


Jason Kipnis has become a huge fan favorite in Cleveland.  He is always out signing autographs and it always seems he is making himself available to the fans.  Kipnis is a player that gets it.  Just watch this video and tell me you aren’t a Jason Kipnis fan (and Vinnie Pestano) afterwards.  Not only he is popular with the Indians fan base, but he is popular on Twitter as well and always retweeting, and tweeting to, his followers.