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Morning Coffee: Farrah Abraham, Jay Z Selling His Shares of the Nets & Lindsay Lohan was on Letterman Last Night

**EXCLUSIVE** 'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham shows off her beach body while doing a photoshoot for the Poolside Collection bikini line

Farrah Abraham may be the best thing to ever come from Teen Mom // Here are your Masters pairings and tee times // The concession prices there are the lowest I’ve ever seen at a sporting event //  LeBron James did something pretty LeBron James last night // Melissa Bolona (bologne?) won the same contest Chrissy Teigen and Kate Upton won, I think we know what her career path looks like // David Letterman asked Lindsay Lohan about rehab last night // MTV canceled Buckwild after the death of one of the shows stars // Remember Anthony Weiner? He wants to run for NYC Mayor // Jay Z is selling his shares of the Brooklyn Nets so he can become a sports agent in the NBA //

Morning Coffee: Hannah Davis, Yu Darvish One Out From a Perfect Game & Jay-Z is Robinson Cano’s New Agent


The DirecTV Genie, Hannah Davis // Britney Griner’s career is over at Baylor, is the WNBA next for her? // A Toronto Blue Jays fan refused to give Jason Kipnis his bat back after Kipnis let it fly // Tiger Woods is BACK, according to Sports Illustrated // Rutgers head basketball coach is under fire for assualting players during practice // Texas Rangers stud pitcher Yu Darvish came painstakingly close to a perfect game with one out to go // For all you fans of Finding Nemo, you’ll be happy to hear about Finding Dory // Mountain Man survives six years on the run from authorities, has a laugh with them when he is caught // We could have had the house from Rob and Big, it just sold cheap // New iPhone 5S coming this Summer? //

Lollapalooza 2013: Secret Sale Tickets this week and Mumford & Sons, The Killers & Phoenix Rumored as Headliners


On March 20, 2012 at 5:50ish pm, Lollapalooza released their Secret Sale tickets for their 3 day festival in Grant Park in Chicago, IL.  Will history repeat itself this week for Lollapalooza hopefuls?  Last year, the day before they released the deeply discounted $75 3 day passes, they sent out an email saying it would happen that week.  Yesterday, if you are part of their email newsletter, you got that same message letting you know the discounted $200 3 day passes would go on sale on Tuesday, March 26 at 10am CT and the Secret Sale would happen this week.

Justin Timberlake Hosting SNL, Performing on Jimmy Fallon & Announces Summer Tour with Jay-Z

GQ's 2011 "Men of the Year" Party - Inside

Justin Timberlake is going to be busy this year.  Extremely busy.  In addition to the media circus that accompanies the release of a new album, Justin will also have the task of preparing for a summer stadium tour with Jay-Z.  Today, the pair announced their “Legends of Summer” tour that will be coming to a ballpark near you.  Below you can see the list of venues that will be included on their tour.

Justin Timberlake Ft. Jay-Z – Suit & Tie


The first time I heard this new single from Justin Timberlake I hated it.  I referred to it as “Dick in a Box 2″.  Upon further listening, I found the hook to be more catchy than originally thought.  But. I still hate it.  I really wanted to like it but I just can’t get on board.  At least not yet.  I thought that maybe Jay-Z would save it from sinking but with a rather wack beat to rap over, he sounds like he is trying too hard.  The song bounces around too much and you can’t really bob your head to it without looking completely uncoordinated.  Over all I would give this song a D.  The only reason it didn’t fail was because the hook wasn’t that bad in the beginning.  Listen for yourself.  Download it here if you so choose.

Coachella Line Ups “Leak” Before Announcement, No Official Word Yet


Every year we go through the same thing.  Right before the announcement of a lineup for a big music festival, the rumor mill starts churning out scenarios fast enough to make your head spin.  So far this year, there are a bunch of rumors for the headliners with a lot of people having a lot of different opinions, but then again, that’s what Coachella goes for I guess.  Diversity.

The biggest rumor right now would have to be The Rolling Stones.  The fact that Coachella posted a picture on their Facebook page