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Morning Coffee: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, Manti Te’o Wonderlic Test, Paulina Gretzky & Girls in Sports Bras


Happy 34th Birthday to Jennifer Love Hewitt // If you need a reason to hate Canadian teens, how about them killing 50 baby seals? // Check out this cheerleader showing up every single person who’s ever done a half court shot // Tough days for NBC, finishes behind Spanish-language Univision in sweeps // Cheryl Cole got a new giant back piece // Here’s girls in sports bras, thanks Chive // Ron Jeremy has been cleared for sex, look out women // Ref learns from Wale, confronts announcer about his criticism // Paulina Gretzky calmed down a bit since dating Dustin Johnson, but she has still got it for sure //Kids are busted for smoking at school, smoking candy at school

Happy Birthday Jennifer Love Hewitt, Here’s 34 Pictures to Help Everyone Celebrate


For as long as I can remember, one of Thunder Treats’ favorite girls in the whole wide world has been Jennifer Love Hewitt.  We have followed her for as long as we can remember.  In fact, when Mike Dexter asked her “Who’s gonna want you now?”, she should have replied “Thunder Treats” instead of “Somebody”.  Since today is the Jennifer’s 34th (hard to believe) birthday, we have decided to give you guys a gallery of her throughout the years.  Ok, it’s almost 5, enough with the writing.  Enjoy the gallery below and be sure to give my girl JLH a birthday shout out on Twitter!  See ya in 6 years for Cougar Madness, Jen!

Morning Coffee: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Meteorite Videos from Russia are Insane & James Harrison has Joined a Dodgeball League


Jennifer Love Hewitt is my forever crush and she has still got it … This Auburn student won $5,000 for making a bunch of shots in 24 seconds … Ashley Sky is challenging Paulina Gretzky … Charlie Sheen continues to be a stand up guy … The disabled cruise ship finally docked … Microsoft has the opportunity to make billions if they release Office for the iPad … Even the co-founder of RIM has dipped, what’s next for the future of Blackberry …  Child torturer gets what he deserves, killed in prison … I don’t care, I love the Harlem Shake videos