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TMZ Tries to Find Humor When Reporting on Jerry Sandusky, Fails Miserably

 TMZ, who is known for some of the more stupid headlines…and sometimes stories…gave us this gem today.  The story they were reporting was that Jerry Sandusky has been moved from Centre County Jail to Camp Hill Correctional facility.  He will remain at Camp Hill for a few weeks until he is transferred again to a jail where he will more than likely serve out his sentence.

Jerry Sandusky Releases Jailhouse Recording Where He Claims His Innocence


Jerry Sandusky.

Two words have never gone across someone’s lips with such disgust.  The man whose gross indecencies rocked a university, a community, a nation, will be sentenced today on 45 counts of child sexual abuse for molesting 10 boys over a 15 year span.  Most people are expecting what will equate to a life sentence as Sandusky is 68 years old.