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Justin Timberlake Wins Best Artist at Billboard Music Awards, Thanks Everyone but Donald Sterling

jtimberlake billboard music awards

Justin Timberlake is so hot right now. Never was it more apparent than last night when he won seven awards at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. True, these awards are like a Hallmark Holiday where they only exist to make money, but we watch them nonetheless and act like their awards carry weight.

But I digress.

Morning Coffee: Rashida Jones, Brian Hartline Works at a Drive Thru, Jim Crane is a Mega Douche & Texts Messages Revealed in Steubenville Rape Case


Rashida Jones is a smoke show // Got some disposable income, check out this Jordan shoe signed by the 96-97 Bulls // Alabama fans need to get a life // If I were an Astros fan I would be protesting until new ownership took over // Is this the end for the Tuck Rule? // Cereal based on your sex // This is why Derrick Rose is one of the most popular players in the NBA today // Holy old violin from the Titanic // Lil Wayne hospitalized after suffering a seizure // This just in…Nicki Minaj is a huge, huge bitch // This is one of the many, many reasons you should not cheat on your wifey // The hard to read, awful text messages exchanged the day after the alledged rape occured in Steubenville //

Stream Justin Timberlake’s ‘The 20/20 Experience’ in Full a Week Before it is Released


Justin Timberlake has been on a super media tour in the weeks leading up to the release of his much-anticipated ‘The 20/20 Experience’.  On Saturday, he was hosting Saturday Night Live for the 5th time and this week he will be on Jimmy Fallon every day performing tracks from the new album.  Keeping with the theme of being awesome, Justin Timberlake has released his entire album to iTunes so that everyone can stream it in full a week before it’s release.

Morning Coffee: Misa Campo, Justin Timberlake Kills it on SNL, Chrissy Teigen Knows how to Use Instagram & DeAndre Jordan with the Dunk of 2013


Misa Campo stripping to Suit & Tie // Speaking of Suit & Tie, Justin Timberlake switched up the lyrics on Saturday Night Live // ESPN has a simulcast of ESPN Deportes and people got a touch racist // Judge decides to rip up a pre-nup, setting a very dangerous precedent // Fantastic fight between Canada and Mexico in the World Baseball Classic // Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera are starting their own YouTube comedy channel // She got arrested and they uncovered a gun from where?! // Chrissy Teigen is using Instagram the correct way, except she is getting banned // Here is one way to get sex offenders out of your neighborhood // DeAndre Jordan’s dunk over Brandon Knight is something to behold //

Justin Timberlake Hosting SNL, Performing on Jimmy Fallon & Announces Summer Tour with Jay-Z

GQ's 2011 "Men of the Year" Party - Inside

Justin Timberlake is going to be busy this year.  Extremely busy.  In addition to the media circus that accompanies the release of a new album, Justin will also have the task of preparing for a summer stadium tour with Jay-Z.  Today, the pair announced their “Legends of Summer” tour that will be coming to a ballpark near you.  Below you can see the list of venues that will be included on their tour.

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors


I made it abundantly clear both here and on twitter that I was not impressed witht he first single off Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 ExperienceSuit and Tie just didn’t do it for me.  I thought I might come around but it never happened.  Oh well, I never wrote him off, just didn’t like that particular song.  Well, now we have his second effort off the new album, due out March 19th, called Mirrors.

Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience” Track Listing and Album Cover Unveiled


It isn’t a secret that I am not a fan of Justin’s new song Suit & Tie but because of his track record since going solo, I am going to be giving him the benefit of the doubt.  I will still check out his album, titles The 20/20 Experience, when it drops March 19th.  Thanks to the fine folks at Access Hollywood, we now know what that album will look like as well as what the songs will be called.  This should start a nice internet trolling of people claiming they have the “leaked” versions of these tracks.  The full track listing is as follows: