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Morning Coffee: Kate Upton, Sidney Crosby is Good at Hockey, Spire Tops One World Trade Center & Nick Offerman Reading Young Female Celebrity Tweets


Kate Upton is still smoking hot, in case you were wondering // I’m not even sure how to title this gallery from The Chive // Thank you Heavy.com for introducing me to Jayde Nicole // Everyone loves Wonder Woman, why not a gallery of women dressed as the superhero // Selena Gomez is smoking in her new music video //

Sidney Crosby makes hockey look easy // Indians Pitcher Frank Herrmann is giving away tickets on Twitter to try to bring up the attendance // Miami Dolphin new stupid idea: Play a football game on an air craft carrier //

Morning Coffee: Helen Flanagan, The Heat Continue Their Streak & Alyssa Miller Explains SI Swimsuit Bodypaint


Helen Flanagan is being hailed as the next Kate Upton // Wonder if Helen would go to prom with this kid or just give him a ‘maybe’ // Von Miller had a brain fart, accidentally released his email address // Jimmy Fallon taking over for Jay Leno is probably the greatest news this week // So they gave us 15 of the 19 terrorists in 9/11 but Saudi Arabia now a “trusted traveler” according to Homeland Security // Barack Obama is in Israel on his first visit during his Presidency and his bonehead secret service agents put the wrong gas in his whip // Hold up.  Did Prince Fielder lose weight? // Bryce Harper has reached the pinnacle of the super star athlete //

Morning Coffee: Britney Spears, Kentucky Falls to Robert Morris & 13 Year Old Girl Benches 240 Pounds

Britney Spears is a Proud Soccer Mom

Britney Spears is a hot soccer mom // Although they are extremely hot, perhaps it isn’t a good idea to have Hooters girls be your ball girls down the lines // Justin Timberlake’s new video for Mirrors, my favorite song on the new // Is this the new Dolphins logo? // Here is a printable TV guide for the tourney // Kentucky, reigning National Champions, lost to Robert Morris University in the first round of the NIT // UPDATE: Caroline Wozniacki is still hot // I need to hit more flea markets // Non-profit really sticking it to the Westboro Baptist Church // Someone has some explaining to do about this ankle monitor failure // Maybe we should ban sugary drinks? // Young man asks Kate Upton to Prom with a clever video // Florida Gulf Coast coach has a smoking hot wife //

Morning Coffee: Jacqui Ainsley, Female Kicker Lasts 2 Kicks at Combine, Baby Cured of HIV & Batman Brings Wanted Man to Police Station


Jacqui Ainsley // Josh Cribbs doesn’t know what “tampering” means // The first female kicker at an NFL combine lasted 2 kicks before hurting herself and having to withdraw // This college pitcher was a little pissed he was getting shelled, so on a play at the plate he opted to just tackle the runner rather than tag him // What is the best kind of doppleganger? A Kate Upton doppleganger // Doctors in the U.S. have cured a baby of HIV // A man dressed as Batman turned in a wanted man, remained anonymous // Casey Anthony will be out of hiding and back in court today // Jay Leno may be leaving The Tonight Show again, Jimmy Fallon moving in //

Morning Coffee: Talita Correa, Dennis Rodman in North Korea, The Wife and Mother Killed in Las Vegas & The Chiefs get Alex Smith


Brazilian model Talita Correa // Kids dressed as the celebs from the Oscars is a thing // Dennis Rodman, yes that Dennis Rodman, is in North Korea as a diplomat and hopes to see Psy // Kate Upton’s sweater puppies were out to play last night on Jimmy Fallon // The Kansas City Chiefs made a move for 49ers quarterback Alex Smith // Maybe the pig testicles are what made Oscar Pistorius shoot his girlfriend // Good read on Perez Hilton and how he built his empire // Great write up on Sandra Sutton-Wasmund, the wife and mother of 3 that was killed in the taxi during the Las Vegas shooting last week // I can see Tina Fey killing it as the Oscars host //

Morning Coffee: Kate Upton in Body Paint, Oscar Pistorius Charged with Murder, James Harrison Playing Dodgeball & a Car Gets Stuck at 125 M.P.H.


I don’t have words for Kate Upton in body paint … Gronk, our favorite NFL player, spent nearly $10K at XS in Las Vegas … 300 Taliban vs 50 Americans, pretty awesome story … Olympian/Paralympian Oscar Pistorius has been charged with the murder of his model girlfriend … Remember the boxer that took a dive vs Ray Edwards? He got suspended … The Carnival Cruise ship floating without power described ‘Like Katrina at the Dome, except afloat’ … It’s Valentines Day, let the broads play their games

Morning Coffee: Lais Ribeiro, The State of the Union, Christopher Dorner Dead & The Man That Killed Osama bin Laden Audio

Lais Ribeiro

Lais Ribeiro is a smoke show … Kate Upton is on the Sports Illustrated for the second time in a row and you can have a signed copy for $500 … Last week we had ‘Call Me Maybe’ categories on Jeopardy, this week we have this answer to Final Jeopardy … Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at a cheaper iPhone … When Steve Martin turns 83, his first born child will be eligible to get their drivers license … Adele didn’t yell at Chris Brown, they were complimenting each other … Obama delivered his State of the Union address last night to mixed reviews … The POTUS did give my home, Youngstown, a nice shout out …