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Morning Coffee: Naya Rivera, Brian Banks Signs with Falcons, Anderson Silva is Awesome & Happy Birthday to the Cell Phone


Naya Rivera is the best thing that Glee has ever produced // It’s a beautiful thing when players names line up just right and make us all laugh // Brandon Knight continues to be the punching bag of the NBA // Splash on ABC looks dumb, Katherine Webb sure doesn’t though // Anderson Silva is awesome and if you don’t think so, this should change your mind // This guy is up for boyfriend of the year after moving from a fly ball and letting his girlfriend take it in the face // Parent from the Newtown massacre are speaking out // President Obama is taking a joke of a pay cut to show solidarity //

Morning Coffee: Katherine Webb, Detroit Tigers Holding Try Outs, Kate Upton on Swimsuit Issue Cover Again & Is O.J. Simpson Gay?


Katherine Webb is gracing the pages of the new SI Swimsuit Issue … While Kate Upton nabbed the cover for the second straight year … If you are between 18-23 and have a baseball mit, the Tigers may be interested … Four Alabama players were arrested on robbery charges … The National Enquireer (fwiw), has reports that O.J. Simpson is now gay … Parents set fire to their house deliberately, accidentally killing six children … Ladies, burn your bras … Man charged with murder after shooting a drunk driver that killed his children … The Olympic Comittee has dropped wrestling from the 2020 games

Paul Bissonnette, aka BizNasty, Went ‘Full on Creep Mode’ on Katherine Webb


Earlier this week we all got news that the NHL was back after a 100+ day lockout.  Fox Sports Arizona caught up with Paul Bissonnette, aka BizNasty on Twitter, to ask a couple questions on the breaking news.  He talked a lot about playing over in the United Kingdom during the lockout.  He also gave a half-assed geography lesson on the U.K., which was also entertaining.

Morning Coffee: Katherine Webb, A Cheaper iPhone, Where Jon Gruden was During the BCS & The 2013 Razzie Nominations


Brent Musburger’s AJ McCarron’s girlfriend has been blowing up the internet … ESPN has issued an apology for Brent Musburger’s comments during the National Championship … RGIII is undergoing surgery for a torn ACL and LCL, out 6 to 8 months … Chris Paul gives hope to cancer victim after being contacted on Twitter … Ladies, get in line for this guy … Carmelo Anthony went after Kevin Garnett after KG told him his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios … Bode Miller’s wife Morgan Beck is recovering slowly from an eye injury after getting his with a golf ball, still has a sense of humor … Jon Gruden sort of blew of the BCS game for Monday Night Raw, something we all wish we did

Brent Musburger had a Musboner for AJ McCarron’s Girlfriend Katherine Webb


Ohhh Brent.  You can’t win can you? 

Last year, everyone was on his shit because he said “Honey Badger” a thousand times during the National Championship game between Alabama and LSU.  This year, Brent got a little carried away when explaining to the viewers who the pretty brunette woman was in the crowd.  That pretty brunette girl just happened to be Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend.  Oh ya, and she is Miss Alabama.  He also makes note of McCarron’s mother, Dee Dee Bonner, as well but quickly focused back on the prize.  Please make note at the :20 second mark of the expression on Dee Dee’s face… It looks as though she can hear the remarks and see the drool coming from the 73 year-old Musburger’s mouth.