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Morning Coffee: Emily Ratajkowski, National Signing Day Results, Comet Just Missing Earth & Kai, The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker


Emily Ratajkowski can wear the F out of a bikini … Kevin Garnett giving the Nuggets the Mutumbo …You could have the plans to build your own Michael Jordan statue … absolutely gross spinning head kick on TUF … Nick Saban finished on top on National Signing Day again … Although his one recruit is an incredible tool, from his Auburn tattoo to his impersonation of his head coach … Jay Leno got more than he bargained for when he tried to re-create the GoDaddy commercial kiss … We are getting brushed by a comet by a mere 15,000 miles

Kent State sophomore threatens to 'shoot up' school via Twitter

Last Wednesday, five days after the tragedy in that Aurora, Colorado theater, an employee of Kent State University was monitoring the “mentions” the University was receiving on Twitter when one caught their eye.

It was a tweet from 19 year old Kent State sophomore William Koberna in which he mentioned the University and its president, Lester Lefton, by name and included a threat of “shooting up” the school.  Koberna also included “ASAP” in the tweet, which prompted the employee to notify University Police who, in turn, contacted Twitter to find out who owned the account.