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Morning Coffee: Talita Correa, Dennis Rodman in North Korea, The Wife and Mother Killed in Las Vegas & The Chiefs get Alex Smith


Brazilian model Talita Correa // Kids dressed as the celebs from the Oscars is a thing // Dennis Rodman, yes that Dennis Rodman, is in North Korea as a diplomat and hopes to see Psy // Kate Upton’s sweater puppies were out to play last night on Jimmy Fallon // The Kansas City Chiefs made a move for 49ers quarterback Alex Smith // Maybe the pig testicles are what made Oscar Pistorius shoot his girlfriend // Good read on Perez Hilton and how he built his empire // Great write up on Sandra Sutton-Wasmund, the wife and mother of 3 that was killed in the taxi during the Las Vegas shooting last week // I can see Tina Fey killing it as the Oscars host //

The Girl Who Was Portrayed as Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Spoke on The Today Show


One of the most twisted sagas in recent sports memory continues to unfold before our eyes.  The girl whose identity was used to fool Manti Te’o, Diane O’Meara, appeared on the Today Show to talk about be violated.  Diane was an innocent pon in the scheme from mastermind Ronaiah Tuiasosopo who took her photos from her Facebook profile and used them as evidence to prove the existence of Lennay Kekua, the “woman” Manti Te’o was led to believe was his online girlfriend.

SNL Has Manti Te’o, Lance Armstrong on Piers Morgan Tonight


Saturday Night Live put their spin on the Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o sagas last weekend.  Their two storylines that have captivated America, and the World, for weeks now.  Te’o claiming he was duped in an online hoax where he believed to be in a relationship with a girl who did not exist and Armstrong going on OWN to confess to cheating to win his Tour De France titles.  Saturday Night Live portrays Lance Armstrong as an arrogant, unapologetic prick while showing Te’o as a dumb jock.  Both assessments might not be far off from the truth.

As If Deadspin Wasn’t Cool Enough Already, They Tell Donald Trump Where to Go


Deadspin has been breaking the internet for the last day and a half and it’s all because they blew the whistle on Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend being a complete hoax.  You read that right.  I would totally explain the whole scenario for you but honestly I have no idea where to start.  Therefore if you want to know, top to bottom, what is going on, head over to Deadspin.

Let me preface this with a little something for you.  Deadspin has found themselves in the middle of a lot of controversy.  No denying that.  But their rigorous fact checking, incessant reporting and quality of writing continues to impress. 

Morning Coffee: Victoria Silvstedt, LeBron Hits 20,000 & Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend Never Existed

victoria-silvstedt-14Victoria Silvstedt in a bikini is a thang of beauty … Chip Kelly was the biggest dick on the internet for a couple hours yesterday … Then the news of Manti’ Te’o’s dead girlfriend being a hoax exploded … Soon after, a new internet trend was set … Pretty good break down of possible scenarios that led to the elaborate hoax involving Manti Te’o

Hump Day Hottie: Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend, Lennay Kekua