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Prydon – Where We Do Cannonballs (Rihanna x Hardwell x Showtek x Justin Prime)


I haven’t posted a good mash-up or original production in quite some time and thought that needed a change.  I figured since it had been a while, I had better do at least two things. 1) Give you something sharp, thumping and fresh and 2) give you a DJ you haven’t heard of (probably).  Let me know if I have succeeded with giving you Prydon.

The White Panda vs. Gangnam Style

It didn't take long for The White Panda to put there unique touch on PSY's Gangnam Style.  They took the song, and dance, that has been spanning the globe and mixed it up with The Offspring's "Pretty Fly for a White Guy".  It sounds as though these two songs were meant to go together.  Thank God for the genius of The White Panda, without whom we would have never gotten this treat.  It's a fun remix to take you into your weekend.

Kap Slap – Back to School Mix

For all of you heading back to the classroom today, last week, next week or whenever, you need this mix.  This brand new 60 minute mix from Kap Slap will get you ready for anything school will throw at you.  I don’t care if you’re a teacher, a student or even the principle or dean, you’ll love this mix.  The best part is it’s just about as long as your class, so you can put in an earbud and zone out and have this kickass mix to keep you company.

E-603 The Remixes Vol. 1

Mash up guru E-603 dropped a new album on Friday but it is a little different than his previous efforts.  This new album consists of 9 remixes from Passion Pit to Ellie Goulding.  All are done well with Seaweed Song (Passion Pit remix) and Dancing On My Own (Robyn Remix) as the two that really stand out for me.  As usualy E-603 delivers again.  Check out some of the songs below or download here.  We did an interview with Ethan a little while ago, be sure to check that out as well!  Thanks!