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The 2012 Election Night Drinking Game


We pride ourselves on our ability to make drinking games that will punish your liver.  Most recently, our Home Run Derby Drinking game helped everyone get through the mindless rhetoric that is Chris Berman’s announcing skills.  Earlier, we brought you the NFL Draft Day Drinking Game and before that, almost a year ago, was our inaugural Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Drinking Game (which will be back in a few weeks, shwing).

What Happens if Obama and Romney Split the Electoral Votes?


It is very unlikely, but it is still possible.  Barack Obama and Mitt Romney can potentially split the 538 electoral votes, 269-269, falling 1 vote shy of the needed majority of 270.

If this happens, then all hell is sure to break loose.  Rather than explain it to you, I will post a video below that explains what will happen.  For the convenience of those who cannot watch or listen at work.  Here are some of the most important points.