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Miguel Cabrera Forgoes Playoff Bonus: ‘I Just Want The Ring’


ESPN reports this morning that while Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer was walking around the club house having his teammates sign the necessary paper work to receive their playoff bonus, first baseman Miguel Cabrera opted not to sign it.

Designated hitter Victor Martinez spoke to Cabrera in spanish to make sure he knew what he was doing. Cabrera reportedly ended the exchange telling Martinez “I just want the ring”.

Time to Load Up on the Kansas City Royals Futures

red sox al pennant

Future wagering, or “futures”, are a popular way of betting in casinos and with online betting sites. People are able to place their wager from the time the sports book releases the odds up until the start of the game. It could be a year or more in advance. For instance, right now the futures on the 2014 MLB ALCS have up at AllPro for quite sometime. They are usually updated everyday to reflect streaks, trades, injuries, etc.

Matt Garza Has Ice in His Veins, Turned Down $52 Million Because ‘It is what it is’


Former free agent Matt Garza has agreed to a 4 year, $50 million contract with the Milwaukee Brewers and all of those dollar bills are guaranteed. What is more interesting though, is the fact that about six weeks prior to the deal with the Brewers being signed, Garza was on an anniversary vacation with his wife when the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim came calling for his services.

MLB Umpire Wally Bell Dies Suddenly at the Age of 48

Baltimore Orioles v Kansas City Royals

Veteran MLB Umpire Wally Bell was never part of any major controversies.  That’s not to say he didn’t have people screaming at the TV from time to time.  That is just the nature of the beast for an MLB Umpire.  Wally, though, did his job particularly well and the fact that there isn’t a game or call that stands out in his 21 years of service can attest to that.

Wally Bell, a Youngstown, Ohio native (what up), was back in the area over the weekend to attend his alma mater’s, Austintown Fitch High School, Hall of Fame dinner.

Cleveland Indians May Be Using Pedro Cerrano’s Advice, Sacrificing a Live Chicken


Something peculiar is happening at Progressive Field and it has nothing to do with the indigestion caused by your lower intestine trying to figure out how to handle a half pound hot dog.  No, instead I am referring to the fact that there is a live chicken on the field with the Cleveland Indians while they are shagging balls.

So where did this McNugget in the making come from? No one seems to want to give up the story.

Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez Lost to a Starving David Ortiz During an Impromptu Home Run Derby in 1996


How many times have you and your family went to a Minor League Baseball game?  You can probably count on one hand.  I, myself, have been to quite a bit of them.  Of course, that is mainly because I used to live in Las Vegas, Nevada and there were no pro sports teams to see.  So really, our options were kind of limited in that department.  The minor league teams became our teams.  Not to the point of following stats daily, but enough so that I would defend them in a full fledged screaming match in a bar.

VIDEO: Cleveland Fans Respond to ‘Let’s Go Tigers’ with ‘Detroit’s Bankrupt’ Chant


During the top half of the 9th inning of last nights 14-inning marathon game between the Indians and the Tigers, the Tigers fans in attendance at Progressive Field decided to cheer on their team with an innocent chant.  Their “Let’s go Tigers” cheer was picked up by the sound for the Fox Sports broadcast.

Unfortunately, some of the Indians fans in attendance decided to refute the cheer with their own chant which was also picked up on the broadcast. “Detroit’s Bankrupt” was the rebuttal that the Tribe faithful came up with.