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White Panda – Insane (Kanye West Vocal Edit)


The White Panda kicked off a week full of new music by going back to their roots with this vocal edit of Flume’s “Insane”. It’s a smooth remix that is worth a few listens back-to-back.

While The White Panda is moving into original content and remixes like so many mash-up artists have, they will still be delivering their sample based music that made them who they are.

Smart move.

Danni Rosner’s ‘Hitchhiker’ Should Be Coming to a Radio Station Near You

HitchHiker_Banner_no_dateDanni Rosner is one of the most talented people I have met in my life…and I have met myself, so you know how serious of a statement that is.  Her new single “Hitchhiker” has every thing that country women love…tricking men and beating them up.  Remember how Carrie Underwood took over the airwaves with “Before He Cheats”? That is the feeling I get when I hear Danni’s new single, only better.**

Don’t take my word for it though, it is already playing on different stations across the country and her music video is even getting air time in New York City.  Also, for the second consecutive week, she is listed in the tops of the New and Noteworthy section for country music on iTunes!

Look at This Instagram (Nickelback Parody)


It is common knowledge that most of the America hates Nickelback.  I hate Nickelback just as much as I hate mustard.  If I had it my way, both would only be offered up in Canada.  I can’t pinpoint one thing exactly that I hate so much, but if I had to pick something it would be their faces, their overall body of work and their general contribution, or lack thereof, to the music industry.  I bet Lars Ulrich wouldn’t mind if people illegally downloaded their music.  That may be why I like this parody so much.  In this parody they go through the stupid things that people post to their Instagram (Hipstagram) accounts.  It’s a successful parody because it has the “funny because it’s true” feel.  Check it out below.

DJ Rozz – Happy Halloween Mega Mix (2012)


DJ Rozz is back and he brought his hammer to club us over the head with.  This hour long + mega mix is the perfect addition for anyone’s Halloween party this week or weekend.  I love the beginning, which is audio from Scary Movie, where Carmen Electra is talking to the parody version of the killer from Scream.  From there it transitions nicely into Internet Friends by Knife Party.

From there on through the mix, he keeps the tempo up with Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Dada Life, Avicii, Skrillex and many more.  Although he doesn’t just stick with big names from EDM, you’ll also hear

Eminem Releases Limited Edition Detroit Snapback to Confirm a New Album for 2013


Slim Shady is coming back with a new album and we should be hearing it sometime next year.  Rumors have been circulating over the last couple months that Mathers was in the studio working on a new project.  Different sites had different ideas about when that album would be released, but Shady put the rumors to rest by releasing a limited edition Detroit Tigers snapback.

The hat mimics something that you might see after a team wins a World Series.  It has the years listed on the side where they have won World Championships but in this case, it lists the years that Eminem has released a solo album.

Snoop is the New Spokesman for Hot Pockets, Releases “Pocket Like It’s Hot” [Video]

snoop hot pockets

“Got some cheesy drizzle, drippin’ on my shizzle”

It appears that Snoop Dogg will do anything to get his hands on some money.  This is apparent by him being named the new spokesman for Hot Pockets, which I don’t take issue with. 

Nicki Minaj has strained vocal cords, takes to Twitter to shut up the haters

nicki-minaj-1Nicki Minaj, against doctors orders, performed on bruised vocal cords on August 14th in New York City.  Because of that, her voice got worse and she was forced to pull out of England’s V Festival this past weekend.  Obviously, she has to do whatever it takes to preserve her voice.  Rest for a few days was ordered and hopefully she won’t need surgery to repair the damage.

Unfortunately for the singer, she has some haters that were a little more than heated by her cancellation at the festival.  Even more unfortunate was her decision to respond to the haters on Twitter.  I am sure her publicist is losing their mind right now because she went off, including using the hash tags #KillYaFuckinSelf and #EatShitAndDie.  On top of that, if you don’t understand what she is going through then apparently your “mother is a whore”.