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Keith Olbermann: Roger Goodell Conducted ‘Kangaroo Court’, Demands Resignation

keith olbermann roger goodell

“We begin tonight with the unavoidable and simple truth that intentionally, or by neglect, the Atlantic County, NJ, District Attorney’s Office, the Baltimore Ravens, the National Football League, and Commissioner Roger Goodell have conducted a cover-up of Ray Rice’s assault on his then-fiancée on Feb. 15th”

And just like that, Keith Olbermann went off on one of his classic rants about current events. This one, however, went a step further than usual when he demanded that Roger Goodell should “leave or be expelled from his current position”.

Jimmy Fallon Hands Out NFL Superlatives For Packers And Seahawks

russell wilson

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon handed out superlatives to members of the Packers and Seahawks since they were opening the NFL season on Thursday Night Football.

Our favorite superlatives were those for Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch. Russell’s is above but I highly recommend watching the clip below for the other two.

Best Thing You’ll Watch Today: The Daily Show’s Take On ESPN’s Reporting Of Michael Sam

jon stewart

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show are one of the best programs on cable these days. His deadpan humor mixed with the complete and utter mess the world is in right now is a refreshing way to watch the news.

They took a break from politics to focus on the absurd reporting from ESPN on Tuesday. During the broadcast, ESPN correspondent Josina Anderson began reporting on the showering habits of St. Louis Rams Michael Sam, who revealed he was gay prior to the NFL Draft.

Rex Ryan Has The New York Jets Doing Concussion Practice…Or Something

jets dizzy bat race

Rex Ryan has introduced a new drill to the New York Jets training came.

Dizzy Bat Race.

Yep, that same dizzy bat race that is used to have drunken fun is now being used to train professional athletes. For what, though? Perhaps Rex wants his players to be able to play concussed?

Simon Waxman Accuses U.S. Military of Using Racial Slurs to Name Their Helicopters…Seriously

redskins protest

The Washington Redskins are on the verge of a name change.

The Cleveland Indians are feeling the heat too.

People around the country are in an uproar over the names of these teams like their names haven’t been around for decades. But you know what?

Who cares?

Super Bowl XLVIII: Broncos Offense vs. Seahawks Defense Will Give Gamblers a Headache


This Sunday, February 2nd, the NFL’s best offensive football team will take on the NFL’s best defensive team and it will leave gamblers scratching their collective heads. There really isn’t a correct answer when asked “who do you think will win”. Personally, I think it will be the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning because the iconic quarterback has been nothing but spectacular this season.  Some of you think that while Manning has been spectacular, he has yet to see a defense that is anything like the Seattle Seahawks.

PETA Thinks the Washington Redskins Should Become the Washington Redskin Potatoes


Everyone’s favorite overreacting, nosey, loud mouthed aunt is back at it again. As if we didn’t think PETA was a touch on the annoying side already, they have come up with a solution to the controversy of the Washington Redskins mascot that was thrown into the spotlight on Sunday night after Bob Costas pulled out his soap box he brings everywhere and proclaimed it to be an “insult, a slur“.  Their idea is to keep the name of the team the way it is, but change the logo to a redskin potato.

PETA gets that good weed.