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Morning Coffee: Kitty Lea, Nike Pulls ‘Boston Massacre’ Tee, NFL Draft Watch & Unbelievable Pictures from Boston Bombers Shootout

kitty lea

Kitty Lea // Bethanny Frankel is 42 and rocking the shit out of this bikini…Cougar Madness 2014? // Becca Tobin, the bitch on Glee I think, is a smoke show for Maxim // Michea Crawford is probably the best thing to come from Canada since bacon //

This dude must really love Yuniesky Betancourt, nice dive // I think the Houston radio hosts are being a bit hard on this cheerleader // Nike might have the worst timing ever in 2013, now pulling ‘Boston Massacre’ t-shirts //

The Nike Swoosh on the NFL jerseys is NOT backwards

A lot of people became concerned over the “backwards” swoosh on the jerseys of the NFL players tonight.  At first glance, the logo does look very weird.  The Nike logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world, so obviously people would be taken aback.

These logos, though they appear backwards, are staying true to the way Nike has always branded their apparel.  For instance, if you look at any pair of Nike shoes, the right shoe will be sporting the logo the same way it appears on their jerseys, we are just used to seeing it displayed this way.

Phil Knight adding football operations facility at Oregon, Chip Kelly will NOT have personal hot tub

One of the big stories of the day has been the new football operations facility that is being built in Eugene at the University of Oregon.  Like many of their buildings, it is being donated completely by Phil Knight.  The University has leased the land to Knight, who is developing this $68 million facility and in turn, he will hand over the keys to the University upon completion.  The University is then responsible for the operating cost, as outlined completely by Knight himself.