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Morning Coffee: Talita Correa, Dennis Rodman in North Korea, The Wife and Mother Killed in Las Vegas & The Chiefs get Alex Smith


Brazilian model Talita Correa // Kids dressed as the celebs from the Oscars is a thing // Dennis Rodman, yes that Dennis Rodman, is in North Korea as a diplomat and hopes to see Psy // Kate Upton’s sweater puppies were out to play last night on Jimmy Fallon // The Kansas City Chiefs made a move for 49ers quarterback Alex Smith // Maybe the pig testicles are what made Oscar Pistorius shoot his girlfriend // Good read on Perez Hilton and how he built his empire // Great write up on Sandra Sutton-Wasmund, the wife and mother of 3 that was killed in the taxi during the Las Vegas shooting last week // I can see Tina Fey killing it as the Oscars host //

Morning Coffee: Alana Blanchard, Pistorius Detective Has His Own Murder Charges, Hotel Guests Drink Water Contaminated by Dead Body & Woman Has Sex with a Dog in Public


Alana Blanchard … Guests at an LA hotel were drinking and bathing in water contaminated by a dead body … Bryce Harper has to get his mustache game right to catch brother Bryan … Our boy Gronk is still partying … The detective in the Oscar Pistorius case is facing 7 charges of attempted murder … So this guy broke into a firehouse and did what on the fireman’s gear? … Here’s the Harlem Shake, Cosby edition … Here’s how you can make your website do the Harlem Shake … Man sues his parents for not loving him enough … “As police officers approached the woman, she said “hi” and began to fondle the dog” … TSA detained a TODDLER in a WHEELCHAIR … Prince Harry has a new slam piece … Would Kobe support trading Dwight?Playstation 4 is on it’s way …

Morning Coffee: Michelle Jenneke, Female Kicker at the NFL Combine, Oscar Pistorius Update & The Dumbest Study in the History of Studies


Aussie track star Michelle Jenneke … Guy Fieri forgot to buy the domain for his new restuarant, trollers got to it first … Geno Auriemme getting a handful of ass … Pistorius murder investigation update, boxes of steroids found … Mother gets son a stripper for his birthday, faces jail time … This is perhaps the dumbest study there has ever been, I hope no one paid for this to be done … Jailhouse tapes of people plotting to kill and castrate Justin Bieber … Lil Wayne was fibbing, according to the NBA he isn’t banned from anything

Morning Coffee: Victoria Brink, Alec Baldwin Hates Photographers, Lil Wayne Bones Chris Bosh’s Wife & Meteors in Florida


Not 100% sure who Victoria Brink is, but interested to learn more … Jacoby Jones should have enough money to go to an actual tattoo shop and get a good looking tattoo11 year old playing on the high school varsity team, averaging 14 ppg … I think the tabloids are getting a little ahead of themselves by calling this a baby bump … Speaking of tabloids, Alec Baldwin is not a fan … Kim Kardashian wants to know what it feels like to be a man and have sex with yourself … Mindy McCready made an anit-suicide video the day before she took her own life … Roger Clemens, who had an affair with McCready, offered up some cold condolences

Morning Coffee: Jenna Dewan, Country Star Mindy McCready Suicide, Kobe Still Got It & Maryland Beat Duke


Jenna Dewan lighting up the pages of Esquire … Maryland beat Duke Saturday night and the best part was the student section dancingMaria Menounos uses her Instagram account almost as well as Paulina Gretzky … Kobe tweeted a cute picture of his daughter and CP3’s son playing, took a dig at the NBA too … Troubled country star Mindy McCready took her own life in the same way, same place, as her boyfriend a month ago … If you haven’t had enough Rob Gronkowski (not possible), he will be working the Red Carpet at the Oscars this weekend …

TMZ is Under the Impression Oscar Pistorius Wears his Blade Prosthetics on a Daily Basis

pistoriustmzTMZ is trying to have a little fun with the Oscar Pistorius story and have apparently run out of witty headlines and story lines.  Thank God for the brain trust that writes for the site.  The same people that brought you this breaking news back in 2010 now are under the impression that the ‘Blade Runner’ wears his specially design, carbon fiber, RACING prosthetics on a daily basis.  Fail.

Olympian Oscar Pistorius‘ carbon fiber blade legs could EASILY be used as a weapon behind bars — but a rep for the South African prison where he’s locked up tells TMZ, officials have decided not to confiscate the prosthetics.

Olympic ‘Blade Runner’ Star Oscar Pistorius Has Been Charged With the Murder of His Girlfriend


The famous Olympic and Paralympic track and field star, Oscar Pistorius, that lobbied hard to be able to compete with able-bodied athletes in the Olympics, has been charged with the murder of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. 

Police responded to Pistorius’ home in the Silver Woods gated community in South Africa and found Oscar and the victim, who had been shot at least twice, to be the only people at the house.