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Ohio Senate Race Gives Us One of the Best Radio Ads Ever


This time of year, we are treated to some of the best in political campaign ads.  Most of the time, they will spend there 30-60 seconds bashing their opponent.  They will go after their past decisions, or where their opponent stands on important issues, and try to sway the voter in their favor.  This is nothing new, everyone does it and it is widely accepted. 

Barack Obama Has 99 Problems but a Mitt Ain't One

This is not a forum for political arguments.  I would think that would go without saying, but just in case, I thought I would remind you all.

I am not telling anyone who I am voting for and I will not tell anyone who they should vote for.  It is a great right to be able to vote, so as long as you drag your ass to the polls November 6th, I don't care what you think.