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Morning Coffee: Sara Jean Underwood, Songs You Never Want to Hear Again, Tiger and Lindsey & Steubenville Rape Case Not Over Yet

Sara Underwood at Planet Hollywood

Sara Jean Underwood in a piece of cloth resembling a dress // Baltimore is have a feud between the Orioles and the Ravens // Steubenville head coach Reno Saccoccia tried to cover up the rape for his players // Two teenage GIRLS were arrested for threatening the VICTIM in the Steubenville rape case // CNN covered the rape case with pity for the rapist, ironically The Onion did a fake story like that 2 years ago // I know we think Chuck Norris is a badass, but we have to remember he is old // Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods made their relationship Facebook official yesterday // Here’s the awkward NFL Head Coaches photo // In case you wondering, Ciara still got it //

Bonnaroo Releases the 2013 Line Up


What won’t you see on the line up for Bonnaroo?  The Stone Roses and Blur.  Why?  Because these camping loving hippies aren’t stupid.  Below is just the first lineup release for the Tennessee music festival too.  They will be releasing more acts as time goes on.  Tickets for the show go on sale Saturday at Noon EST

Pretty Lights – So Bright


Pretty Lights, aka Derek Vincent Smith, has released a single off his upcoming album.  Although it seems he would have rather waited to release the whole album together.  I can’t tell if the song wasn’t ready for release or he was ready to release it.  Here is the statement from his Facebook page: