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SNL Shows Obama Shoving The School House Rock Bill Down The Capitol Steps

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 11.30.08 AMBoth hilarious and true, Saturday Night Live opened their show last night by doing a parody of the School House Rock! I’m Just A Bill” song. In their version, President Obama is shoving the School House Rock bill down the Capitol steps and introducing his new friend, Executive Order.

SNL: Ravens And Panthers Introductions Include Crimes Committed

ravens snl

The NFL gave Saturday Night Live writers a bunch of ammo during their tumultuous off-season. During the shows 40th premier last weekend, we got to see some of what they had been working on and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

The show opened with a “State of the Union” show geared toward the crisis in the NFL. Host Chris Pratt played Roger Goodell while Keenan Thompson and Jay Pharaoh played Ray Lewis and Shannon Sharpe, respectively.

Justin Bieber Had Fun at His Own Expense on Saturday Night Live


I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber.  At all.  I think he is a below average singer, at best.  With that said, I thought some of his sketches on Saturday Night Live were awesome.  That could be because they were making fun of the pop singer.  There were two different sketches that stood out during the broadcast.  In the first one, Justin Bieber Decoys, he is made fun of for his high voice, dancing and the way he acts in certain situations.  They have a group of Justin Bieber “look-a-likes” that will be used as his body doubles.  The group included older men, women and a couple others that were missing a key feature to be Justin Bieber…

SNL Has Manti Te’o, Lance Armstrong on Piers Morgan Tonight


Saturday Night Live put their spin on the Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o sagas last weekend.  Their two storylines that have captivated America, and the World, for weeks now.  Te’o claiming he was duped in an online hoax where he believed to be in a relationship with a girl who did not exist and Armstrong going on OWN to confess to cheating to win his Tour De France titles.  Saturday Night Live portrays Lance Armstrong as an arrogant, unapologetic prick while showing Te’o as a dumb jock.  Both assessments might not be far off from the truth.

Saturday Night Live Gives Their Take on Brad Pitt’s New Chanel No. 5 Commercial


The Chanel No. 5 commercial featuring Brad Pitt in black and white is odd, to say the least.  The commentary he spews does nothing for the Chanel brand and, at times, begs one to wonder if Brad Pitt is actually comprehending what he is saying.  I find it hard to believe he knows what he is saying because he is saying it with a straight face.  Also he doesn’t have a “wtf?” look on his face like everyone else who watches it and we know he isn’t a good actor.  Therefore, I can only conclude that Brad was temporarily blinded by the fact that Chanel paid him $7 million to do this commercial.