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Super Bowl Prop Bets Already Flooding the Online Gambling Sites


If there is anything that those of us over the age of 21 enjoy more than the Super Bowl, it would be sports book prop odds on the Super Bowl. The game itself may not feature your team, especially if you are like me and are a Cleveland Browns fan, but with prop betting it makes the game fun and interesting, regardless of who is playing.

Jacoby Jones Was Pure Entertainment on Jimmy Kimmel Last Night [VIDEO]


I really wanted the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl because I cannot stand the Balitmore Ravens (Browns Fan).  And even though I hate the Ravens with every fiber of my being, I have to say that Jacoby Jones is an absolute beast and got robbed of the Super Bowl MVP trophy (Although he doesn’t think so).  In addition to being a beast and returning a kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown and a place in the record books, he went on Jimmy Kimmel last night and was highly entertaining.  The interview turned especially comical when the topic of the lights going out on the Super Dome came up.

John Harbaugh Was Awesome on David Letterman Last Night


Super Bowl winning coach John Harbaugh appeared on David Letterman last night and, I think the Ravens organization can agree, he did a lot better than his quarterback Joe Flacco at the beginning of the week.  John revealed that he thought of the two, Jim was the favorite.  However, he did conclude that the baby sister, Joanie, was the favorite.  No, Joanie isn’t a coach, but she is married to Tom Crean, the head coach of the University of Indiana men’s basketball team (who just got knocked off last night by The Illini).  Talk about a family having a type, right?

Joe Flacco Was on David Letterman Last Night and Contract Negotiations Came Up

joeflaccolettermanSuper Bowl MVP* quarterback Joe Flacco was on David Letterman last night in one of the first stops of what I am sure is nothing short of a circus of a media tour.  Letterman got right down to it, asking Flacco if owner Steve Bisciotti would open his wallet if they won.

Tom Brady Has a Nice Relaxing Super Bowl Sunday

tom brady2

Tom Brady relaxed a bit and hit the links on Super Bowl Sunday.  Instead of getting prepared for the biggest game of the season, he was trying his best to find his ball in the rough.  If you remember, the Patriots got their asses handed to them by the eventual Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens a couple weeks ago. 

Since Tom’s $20 million mansion is now complete, I suspect the 35 year old quarterback will be spending the cool winter months on the left coast with his smoking hot Brazilian import, Gisele Bundchen and their brood.

GoDaddy, Old Milwaukee Gave A Lot of PDA in Their Commercials and Not in a Cool Way

superbowlmakeoutSome commercials during the Super Bowl were good.  Others sucked a fat one.  And then there are the commercials that left people with a look on their face like they just ate a War Head.  The GoDaddy.com and Old Milwaukee commercials fall into that last category.  Both are based around two people, opposites if you will, that are making out.  In the GoDaddy.com commercial we have the perennial smoke face Bar Refaeli smooching (I use that term very loosely) with Walter, aka Jesse Heiman, the greatest extra in history.