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Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 082: College Football Is Back, ESPN And Michael Sam, Sam Bradford, Love In Cleveland, USC’s Josh Shaw, The VMA’s, The Emmys & Urban Dictionary Trivia

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Welcome to the 82nd edition of the Thunder Treats! COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK! The NFL is almost back! Things are starting to happen in the sports! It’s about friggin’ time.

DiNunz and Lydell had pretty laid back weekends while I spent my Friday evening with Eminem and Rihanna in Detroit. Also, I got five-yard chucked by some dude at the bar just for grabbing his girlfriends ass! The audacity of some people is staggering!

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 081: Back From Summer Vacation, Johnny Football, Christy Mack, Braxton Miller, Ferguson & A Brand New, Very Graphic, Catfish Update

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Welcome to episode 081 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! We are back from our two week summer vacation and we couldn’t be happier to be back to record for you guys. It’s been a long two weeks and we spend the first 10 minutes or so updating you on what we have been up to. Some of us had a not-bummer-summer vacation while others had a bummer-summer-vacation.

We also tried something new this week, instead of writing down our topics and going through them in order, we wrote them down and put them in a hat. That way we jumped around from entertainment to sports without knowing what our next topic would be. I think it keeps it fresh and since I run the show, that’s how we’re gonna do it!

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 080: We Had To Do It Twice, DUI For Sleeping Behind The Wheel At 4PM In The Middle Of The Street, Football Is Back, Poetic Reading Of Nelly Lyrics & Urban Dictionary Trivia


Welcome to the 80th edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast. Or, I guess I should say, episode 80.1. We had to record this episode twice because the first time was a complete disaster. DiNunz and I were going at it and Lydell was being a shitty mediator. But, since we love you all so much, we manned up and started over. You’re welcome.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 079: DiNunz Hosts, Acro-naming, Things You Hate At Concerts, Is Cleveland Doomed, Fart Bottle Roulette & More Urban Dictionary Trivia

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Welcome to episode 79 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! I came home to find DiNunz sitting on my back porch with a notepad taking notes for the podcast. Obviously, since Lydell and I hate to prepare, we handed the hosting reigns over to DiNunz. As usual, he delivered as only he can. We even dusted off the classic DiNunz intro.

We had a busy weekend. We came up with a nice, new bar game for all you degenerates to play and we are sure you will love it.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 078: LeBron Comes Home, Other Movers in the NBA, MLB Home Run Derby, World Cup Champs & Urban Dictionary Trivia

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Welcome to the 78th edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast with myself, DiNunz and LydellThis week was a pretty big one for me seeing as how I am a Cleveland fan. While we are a little over an hour south of Cleveland, DiNunz and Lydell’s loyalties lie with other teams so they aren’t nearly as pumped as I am. So naturally they picked on me.

LeBron James made his move back home and now the pieces are starting to follow him. Mike Miller has agreed to come to the Cavaliers for two years, turning down more money from elsewhere. Also on the radar of the Cavaliers is journeyman Ray Allen…who I hate…and don’t think I can change that, even if he changes his uniform.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 077: LeBron James’ Decision, Germany Beat Down Brazil, Johnny Nosecandy & Josh Gordon, Yankee Fan Suing & Urban Dictionary Trivia

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Welcome to the 77th edition of Thunder Treats Podcast. We wanted to start the recording of this episode early, but DiNunz had other plans. I jokingly texted him BYOWC (Bring Your Own Wine Cooler) and he went to two grocery stores to get his fix. I can’t be too mad because he also brought so Bud Light tall boys. Also, Lydell enjoyed the wine coolers with DiNunz and got a little tipsy himself.

Germany, who ousted USA from the World Cup, was at it against a broken down Brazil team and took them to the absolute woodshed. Germany beat the host country to the tune of 7-1 and sent them home with their lederhosen in a bunch.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 076: DiNunz is Drunk, U.S. Loses to Belgium, The NBA Draft, Johnny Football, Country Club Bill Shows Up & Urban Dictionary Trivia

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Welcome to the 76th edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast with DiNunz, Lydell and the one and only Country Club Bill. Was he invited? No. Did he bring beer? Yes. And everyone in the English speaking world knows that if you bring beer to a location, you can stay. Also, DiNunz went to the Pub and watched the soccer game, so he was drunk and useless.