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Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 066: The Most Annoying Commercials, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, Brian Williams & Lindsay Lohan


Welcome to episode 66 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! We are a few days removed since we did our live Thunder Treats Power Hour last Friday and we are still feeling the effects. In this week’s episode, Lydell manned up and gave us a great topic to discuss. What are your most hated commercials that are on, or have been on, TV?

We each gave our top five followed by a few that just missed the cut. I also gave one posthumously to Billy Mays, who up until his death in 2009, I dreamed of fighting in the squared circle.

The Thunder Treats Power Hour Podcast


Last Friday, DiNunz, Rob C, Big Monk and myself sat down in the Thunder Dome to conduct the second annual Thunder Treats Power Hour Podcast.

Like last year, we did it live again and it was another successful shit show. This year, you can actually hear the music changing ever minute. We did it to a 90′s mix we found on PowerHourZone.com. Also, be warned that this is the raw audio from an hour long of drinking. I’ll go ahead and slap a NSFW tag on this.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 065: NBA & NHL Playoffs, 49ers Having a Stellar Off Season, Hillsborough Disaster, Boston Strong & Kate Upton Needs Slapped


Welcome to the 65th episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast featuring @DiNunz and @Lydell. The NBA is finally getting some love on the podcast now that the playoffs are getting ready to get underway. Don’t worry if you miss some of the games, they’ll be on until June because the NBA has the worst playoffs in sports. In related news, the NHL playoffs are also getting ready to start and thank God DiNunz is here, otherwise we would be clueless. Also, he has some choice words for Columbus Blue Jacket Fans.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 064: UConn(s) Wins, Kate Beckinsale Wins, Chief Wahoo Does Not, The Masters, Wrestlemania & Happy Anniversary ‘Major League’


Welcome to the 64th installment of the Thunder Treats Podcast! Happy Birthday to my Momma! March Madness is all over and UConn stands atop the College Basketball world with both the men and women winning the National Championships. It should be noted that when we recorded the podcast, the game had just started and it was 4-0 UConn and we just assumed they would win…and win they did, to the tune of 79-58 to go 40-0 on the season. Head coach Geno Auriemma’s 9th title at the school.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 063: NCAA and Cougar Madness Down to Final Four, MLB Opening Week, DeSean Jackson and Grinding Our Gears


Welcome to episode 063 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! In this weeks episode, all three of us present issues that grind our gears. The NCAA Tournament is down to its Final Four and it is looking like Florida may be an unstoppable force. Since the NCAA Tourney is down its Final Four, obviously the Cougar Madness Tournament is down to its Fantasy Four and favorite Kate Beckinsale continues to roll.

Baseball is finally back and the doldrums of sports is finally over. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well when the Angels and Dodgers played an exhibition game where afterwards, three marines were attacked with one being stabbed in the face with a broken bottle by Dodgers fans.

Thunder Treats Podcast 062: Lydell’s Big Press Conference, Drunk Weekend, March Madness, Cougar Madness, Buffalo Bills & Nick Cannon


Welcome to the 62nd edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast! This past weekend something very special happened. Lydell, DiNunz and myself all went out together and got hammered. Lydell lost the night, and you’ll hear why, while DiNunz and I acted (almost) like adults about the entire night.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 061: The Cougar Madness Selection Show


Welcome to the 61st edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast where DiNunz was too cool to hang out with me and Lydell. And when I say “too cool” I mean too sick because #sickstrong. No fear, though, Lydell and I introduced the Cougars that will make the field of 64 for the 6th Annual Thunder Treats Cougar Madness Tournament! Also, we did this episode live on our Mixlr channel, which you guys should get hip to so you can drink along when we do the Thunder Treats Power Hour Podcast next month!