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Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 094: Cadaver Ligaments, AP Suspended, Giancarlo Paid, Alabama Praised & DiNunz’s Top Movies Of 1994

podcast featured1Good morning and welcome to another edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast! This week’s episode was light on topics but we made it work for an hour somehow. Don’t be alarmed at the beginning either. That’s just DiNunz doing his best impression of The Lion King music. He failed, but he gets an A for effort.

This week we sprinkled in a little entertainment with our sports talk. Check out the topics below and also check out DiNunz’s top movies of 1994.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 093: BROWNS! Derrick Rose Comments, CFB Playoff Rankings, Jameis Point Shaving, Cory Kluber Cy Young & Kim Kardashian’s Dumper

podcast featured1Welcome to the 93rd edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast with DiLo, DiNunz and Lydell. We are a day late recording since DiNunz was in Washington D.C. for the Concert of Valor. Merica!

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 092: 1992 Music & Movies, Patriots Are Unstoppable With Gronk, So Are the Dolphins, AP Avoids Jail, CowboysUK, Jeff Gordon Fight & Amanda Bynes is Back

podcast featured1Welcome to episode 092 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! Since it’s the 92nd edition, we are going with nostalgia from 1992. I’ll apologize in advance since we let the time get away from us and we ended up talking about both for the better part of the first 20 minutes of the show.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 091: 1991 Nostalgia, NFL Week 8, NCAA First Playoff Ranking, World Series & NBA Championship Predictions

podcast featured1Welcome to the 91st installment of the Thunder Treats Podcast! Since it’s the 91st, it only makes sense to throw it all the back to 1991 to start this episode off! I’m talking Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark, Silence of the Lambs and many other things that will take you down memory lane. Here are some of the topics on this week’s episode:

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 090: NFL Review, Oscar Pistorius, The SEC Is Rolling, LeBron James Thinks The Bulls Are Better, World Series Starting & A Lot Of 90’s Nostalgia

podcast featured1Welcome to episode 90 of the Thunder Treats Podcast! We have a little bit of everything in this episode. In fact, we got a little sidetracked and the first 15 minutes or so is basically just a whole bunch of 90’s nostalgia. Here’s what we covered this week!

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 089: Lydell’s Weekend, Browns Pound Steelers, Jameis Winston Continues To Be Stupid, NFL Shoplifters & Nickelodeon YouTube

podcast featured

Welcome to the 89th edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast! We are getting dangerously close to triple digits numbers. How scary is that? After hearing about everyone’s weekend,  we covered the NFL lightly, focusing in on how much the Browns pounded the Steelers.

In other NFL news, back up running back for the Dallas Cowboys Joseph Randle decided to shoplift a tester (!) bottle of cologne and some undies. He makes $500K a year, so obviously times are tough and this makes total sense.

Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 088: Wedding Stories, Witten The Best Cowboy Ever, Will Gruden Coach Again, MLB Playoffs & Todd Gurley Suspended Indefinitely

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This week’s episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast is a bit late because I had an unexpected business trip. So you are getting it tonight, right after we recorded. Why? Because we love you even if you don’t love us back! DiNunz and I went to weddings this past weekend and had…in a word…a good time.

The MLB playoffs are set and 2/3 of us think that it’s going to be an all orange World Series. For those of you not in tune, that would be Baltimore and San Francisco.