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TMZ is Under the Impression Oscar Pistorius Wears his Blade Prosthetics on a Daily Basis

pistoriustmzTMZ is trying to have a little fun with the Oscar Pistorius story and have apparently run out of witty headlines and story lines.  Thank God for the brain trust that writes for the site.  The same people that brought you this breaking news back in 2010 now are under the impression that the ‘Blade Runner’ wears his specially design, carbon fiber, RACING prosthetics on a daily basis.  Fail.

Olympian Oscar Pistorius‘ carbon fiber blade legs could EASILY be used as a weapon behind bars — but a rep for the South African prison where he’s locked up tells TMZ, officials have decided not to confiscate the prosthetics.

TMZ Tries to Find Humor When Reporting on Jerry Sandusky, Fails Miserably

 TMZ, who is known for some of the more stupid headlines…and sometimes stories…gave us this gem today.  The story they were reporting was that Jerry Sandusky has been moved from Centre County Jail to Camp Hill Correctional facility.  He will remain at Camp Hill for a few weeks until he is transferred again to a jail where he will more than likely serve out his sentence.