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Former Alabama OT DJ Fluker Tweets About Accepting Money While Playing for the Crimson Tide


DJ Fluker almost made it to Draft Day without making an asshole of himself. 


As fast as this news was breaking, DJ Fluker was claiming his account was hacked.  At some point these players will realize that what they put on Twitter WILL come back to them 100 percent of the time.  Until that epiphany comes along, we will continue to be entertained by the stupidity of the student athlete.  In this edition of the stupid athlete, DJ Fluker shows exactly what you shouldn’t tweet ever, even if it is a joke.

The Iron Sheik: Who is Running His Twitter Account?


There are many parody accounts on Twitter these days.  Some are funny and some are just plain stupid.  In addition to these accounts that mock celebrities are accounts from the celebrities themselves.  The Iron Sheik’s twitter account reads like it’s coming from the mind of a nearly insane foreigner who can’t come to grips with the fact that celebrities often do things you won’t agree with.

As If Deadspin Wasn’t Cool Enough Already, They Tell Donald Trump Where to Go


Deadspin has been breaking the internet for the last day and a half and it’s all because they blew the whistle on Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend being a complete hoax.  You read that right.  I would totally explain the whole scenario for you but honestly I have no idea where to start.  Therefore if you want to know, top to bottom, what is going on, head over to Deadspin.

Let me preface this with a little something for you.  Deadspin has found themselves in the middle of a lot of controversy.  No denying that.  But their rigorous fact checking, incessant reporting and quality of writing continues to impress. 

Fan Steals Phone Number of Baseball Player, Player Retweets the Text Conversation


Jason Kipnis has become a huge fan favorite in Cleveland.  He is always out signing autographs and it always seems he is making himself available to the fans.  Kipnis is a player that gets it.  Just watch this video and tell me you aren’t a Jason Kipnis fan (and Vinnie Pestano) afterwards.  Not only he is popular with the Indians fan base, but he is popular on Twitter as well and always retweeting, and tweeting to, his followers.

Nicki Minaj has strained vocal cords, takes to Twitter to shut up the haters

nicki-minaj-1Nicki Minaj, against doctors orders, performed on bruised vocal cords on August 14th in New York City.  Because of that, her voice got worse and she was forced to pull out of England’s V Festival this past weekend.  Obviously, she has to do whatever it takes to preserve her voice.  Rest for a few days was ordered and hopefully she won’t need surgery to repair the damage.

Unfortunately for the singer, she has some haters that were a little more than heated by her cancellation at the festival.  Even more unfortunate was her decision to respond to the haters on Twitter.  I am sure her publicist is losing their mind right now because she went off, including using the hash tags #KillYaFuckinSelf and #EatShitAndDie.  On top of that, if you don’t understand what she is going through then apparently your “mother is a whore”.