3 Underrated Pistols

Gun shops sell thousands of guns daily. From shotgun to pistols, there are so many different guns out there for people to choose from. Not to mention how many different types of ammo there are which can change any kind of gun experience. When someone chooses to buy a gun, there are often a few classic guns to choose from, however, there are many guns that are underrated. Most of these underrated guns happen to be pistols, but there are others too. Here are 3 underrated guns you may want to consider if you’re looking to buy a new piece.

FN five seven

A 9mm round has always been a popular choice for handguns, but this gun is designed with a 5.7x28mm calibre high-velocity round. In previous years, ammo was designed for different styles of guns. However, nowadays, ammo is no longer confined to its standard “handgun” or “rifle” designation, which is great for this handgun which has broken the stereotype and taken a smaller calibre.

These five seven handguns have also been designed with a uniquely low recoil, making it an easy to operate piece of equipment. This is actually a perfect piece for a first-time gun owner or someone who’s quite petite, as larger guns can be heavier and hard to hold. With a low recoil, it’s easy to use and it’s easy to clean too. Another advantage of this gun it’s light to carry and the rounds are incredibly lightweight too. With rounds weighing in at 27 grains, firing has never been easier. Pulling the trigger on this underrated pistol is easy and clean, as well as fun. The lightweight ammo is also a great way to muzzle velocity, which makes the shooting projectile faster and flatter. This is great for long-range targets.

However, although great for long-range targets, this gun is also great if ever there is an emergency. As it’s compact and lightweight, it’s far easy to hold and operate if ever there were an attack of some sort, compared to bulkier guns. One of these bullets could certainly cause some damage but they do not have enough power to kill with just one round, which is ideal for those who just want to use this gun for self defense.

Colt Series 80 Government Model .45 ACP

In previous years, 1911’s were not the best gun. They were terribly expensive and underperformed regularly. However, in more recent years, this gun has earned its reputation for reliability. The trigger for this gun is smoother than ever before, making it easy for any gun enthusiast to use.

This gun is not ideal for long-range shooting, but it is perfect for any short-distance shots. This is the kind of gun you’d keep on your person if you wanted to. Plus, with its petite frame, it’s easily manageable and can fit in almost any gun holster.


This gun is underrated because it’s a classic. This gun has been through a lot over the years and it’s stood well against time. Nowadays, many gun enthusiasts opt for a sleek and sexy design with a lot more power, but this gun is good competition. This handgun will likely still be here in several years to come too, this can’t be said for some of the newer guns on the market.

Double-Action Ruger SP101 .357

Revolvers are often considered to be a gun of the past. Not many enthusiasts want to own a revolver, undoubtably making them one of the most underrated guns on the market. These guns are fantastic and the craftmanship is unmatchable. These guns are often designed with such precious attention and care that they can be passed down through generations, just like a family heirloom. Even if a Double-Action Ruger SP101 .357 were to sit in a drawer for several years, once loaded, it would still fire a great round. It has an excellent spring memory so the gun will always remember how to fire. It may take some time loading this gun compared to others that have been discussed, but that’s all part of the fun and excitement of guns.

This gun is easily maintainable due to its simplicity and elegance. Many newer models are a hassle to clean and look after, however that’s not the case with this handgun. With a simple design, this gun can be cleaned in just a few minutes! Additionally, this is a pretty affordable choice too.

This gun is also underrated as it can hold various sizes of ammo. The chamber sizes can vary so different bullets can be used, making it a great gun for target practice, although 9mm ammo will probably provide the best shot.

Whichever gun you think is best, make sure you look after it and use it wisely!

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