5 Great Reasons You Should DIY

In a world obsessed with convenience and fast consumerism, put on the breaks and get your tools out. There are a lot more benefits to DIY than just saving money. Here are 5 great reasons you should DIY at home.

  1. Less Screen Time

We are fast becoming a species of screen-addicted zombies. When you have finished work for the week and thinking about how to spend your weekend, how much of your plans involve sitting in front of a screen? Watching TV, social media scrolling, and playing video games are the inevitable go-to for many people.

Getting involved in DIY allows you to take a break from screens and digital output. It’s the chance to reconnect to your natural human behavior of thinking and doing. Humans love to build and create, but we are increasingly losing touch with this activity.

Taking time away from the screen can help us to reduce stress, escape the noise of media, and put our focus into a project of value. 

  1. Completing Projects = Satisfaction

We, humans, love to complete things. However, our modern world is full of so many distractions many of us fail to complete anything we start anymore. There is always something more interesting on TV or on our phones.

Starting, managing, and completing projects fills us with satisfaction that digital media never could. It helps to build our self-esteem and builds our confidence. This leads to more happiness in our lives.

  1. Escape the Noise

Modern life is hectic for many of us. It just feels like there is never any time and far too much drama. The reality is, life isn’t that hectic we have just allowed it to feel that way. 

Taking on a DIY project allows us to escape the noisy modern world and slow downtime. It can be almost therapeutic like practicing meditation. This is great for our brains, mental health, and emotional well being.

  1. It’s Fun

Yes, fun. That thing we are supposed to have when we’re not too busy with all of life’s other distractions like work. Getting outside, grabbing your brand new HITACHI DS18DBFL2 and building stuff can be pure unadulterated fun. 

Allow some time in your life to be by yourself with your tools and create wonderful new things. Get some peace and spend some quality alone time creating.

  1. Become Self-reliant

There was a time when people did the majority of things for themselves. If they needed something built or fixed they would go to their tool shed and do it for themselves. Now, we can’t wait to jump online and pay someone else to do it for us.

While there are some jobs that are best left to professionals like plumbing and electrics, fixing small issues or building outdoor furniture are great little projects for ourselves. Not only are they fun to do but they allow us to become more self-reliant taking back control over our own lives. 

Next time something breaks, resist calling your local handyman and instead try to fix it for yourself. The internet is full of guides and information that can help you to do pretty much anything around the house.

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