6 Men’s Fashion Myths That Are Ruining Your Style

The reason that so many guys have terrible styles is that they let a few common myths guide their fashion choices. The biggest myth is that fashion is just for women and men don’t need to worry about it, which isn’t true at all. If you actually want to look good, it’s just as important for men to put thought into what they wear and how they look after themselves. 

If you want to get your style right, you need to give up on some of these other common myths as well. 

Nobody Judges Men On Their Style

People tend to think that women are judged on their appearance while men are judged on their actions. So, a lot of men don’t think it really matters about their fashion sense and it won’t have an impact on the way that people view them. But that’s not the reality and people absolutely do judge you by the way that you look. If you want to make a good impression, you need to get your style right. 

Men’s Haircuts Are Easy 

Men are often confused about why women pay so much for haircuts when it only costs them $5. People assume that men’s haircuts are easy and they’re basically all the same, which is why they’re so much cheaper. But that’s not actually the case at all, and a lot of guys just have terrible haircuts because they’re only paying $5 for them instead of going to a barber who knows what they are doing. Men’s hair is just as varied and versatile as women’s hair is, which means that it needs to be cut by an experienced barber that can help you choose the right style for your hair type. In fact, getting a decent haircut from a skilled barber is one of the simplest ways for men to look and feel better. So, invest in a good haircut and you can completely transform your style. 

You Need To Hit The Gym To Look Good 

There is a feeling amongst men that all of the most stylish clothes are designed for guys that hit the gym all day and have perfect abs. Men that are a bit out of shape don’t put as much effort into their style because they assume that they won’t look good anyway, so why bother? But it’s actually a common myth that you have to be ripped to look good because there are men’s clothing brands for all shapes and sizes. If you’re a bigger guy, there are brands designed specifically for you and they will be tailored to fit your body shape. The big mistake that people make is trying to shop brands that are not designed for their body type, which is why they don’t look good. 

You Have To Pay Over The Odds For Quality 

So many guys assume that you always have to break the bank if you want quality. A lot of people even go so far as to assume that they’ll look amazing, as long as they spend loads of money. But flashing the cash doesn’t automatically guarantee that you will look good because you can still make poor style choices. In fact, there are plenty of options for frugal male fashion, so you can still look great even if you are on a budget. It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about selecting the right pieces for your style and knowing when to splash the cash and when to go for the cheap option. For example, if you’re buying a suit, it’s better to spend money on quality because it will last you for years to come and it never goes out of style. But a $300 shirt won’t look any better than a similar one for $50. 

Rack Sizes Are Consistent 

Men are always so smug about sizes when it comes to buying clothes. They laugh at how complicated women’s sizing is and boast about how easy it is to choose when the only options are small, medium and large. Even when buying trousers, you just need to know your waist size and rough length. But the simplicity of men’s sizing actually means that it’s very inconsistent and it would be better if men’s clothes were labeled with more specific measurements like women’s clothes are. 

It’s a myth that a 32’ regular is the same everywhere you go and the same size from different places will fit differently. All the size tells you is how it fits around the waist and how long it is. It doesn’t tell you how closely the crotch fits or how tight it is around the leg. They often have a description of the cut, but that’s equally as vague. That’s why it’s important to stick to the brands that you know. If you find a brand of jeans that looks great, stock up and be careful about buying other brands unless you have a chance to try them on.

Off-The-Rack Is Ready To Wear 

Off-the-rack suggests that an item is ready to wear as soon as it comes off the rack, that’s where the name comes from, right? Except that’s not the case at all. Off-the-rack clothing is designed and made to set measurements that are meant to get as close to normal sizes as possible. But what are normal sizes? Everybody is different so even though something fits you pretty well, it doesn’t fit you perfectly. 

This doesn’t matter too much if you’re buying a simple t-shirt, but with dress shirts and suits, it makes a big difference. If you want to look stylish, you need to get the fit right, so off-the-rack doesn’t mean ready to wear. In fact, you should consider getting your clothes altered by a tailor for the perfect fit. A lot of guys don’t realize how badly their clothes fit until they get them tailored, but it makes so much difference. 

If you give up on these common myths, you will find it a lot easier to develop a style that works for you. 

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