An 11 Step Guide To Living A More Adventurous Life

If you asked most people whether they thought their life was adventurous enough, they would probably tell you that it wasn’t. However, you don’t have to accept this as a part of life, or getting older. You can create and have adventure at any age, and creating a more adventurous life for yourself can be so satisfying. Here, we have 11 steps to living a more adventurous life that anybody can use: 

1. Find A Flexible Job or Work Freelance

Start by working on your job. While you can still have an adventurous life with a 9-5, with a flexible job or freelancing work, you can find ways to have more adventure in your day to day life. For example, if you found a decent internet cafe with reasonably priced wi-fi in a country you have always wanted to visit, your boss wouldn’t need to know that you’d travelled there in the middle of the week! It might seem a bit sneaky, but you only live once, and if you have flexibility you should make the most of it. Luckily, more and more workplaces are realizing how important it is to provide flexibility to their employees. Capitalist culture teaches us that we should work as much as possible, and if we’re not working, then we’re not being productive. Is that really living? Living the life you want to live is imperative – none of us know how long we’re here for, and you certainly don’t want to have any regrets. 

2. Be More Open To Making Friends

You might think that you have enough friends, or even that you simply don’t have time for them. Being more open to making friends and spending time with new people could open up a whole new world of opportunity for you. You don’t need to think too far ahead when it comes to making friends. Just try to learn something from everybody you meet. Focus on talking less and listening more. Ask questions and take a genuine interest in them and their stories. Providing you can set healthy boundaries with the people you meet, you should be able to cultivate healthy relationships! 

3. Say Yes More

Of course, if something is really telling you that you shouldn’t do something, don’t do it. However, if you know that it’s fear holding you back, just say yes! Don’t overthink it, as you can easily overthink yourself out of situations and experiences that would have helped you to grow as a person. Step out of your comfort zone more often – that’s where the magic happens! 

4. Make The Time To Travel

You might think ‘but I barely have any of my annual leave left!’ and yes, that can be a problem. However, chances are, if somebody had a gun to your head you would find a way to do it. As we mentioned before, the more flexible your workplace is, the easier you should find travel. If you manage to find freelance work, you could even set up your home office in a place like Parc Canberra and enjoy exploring somewhere new while you make money. Being sensible and thinking about your future is important, but you shouldn’t forget to live in the now! 

5. Find People Like You

When you spend more time with people who have the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations as you, you will be more likely to go after what you want. We become like the people we spend the most time with. If you’re spending time with people stuck in their 9-5 jobs, yet don’t want to make a change, you’re hardly going to feel inspired to do so. If you spend time with people who get out of their comfort zones and want to live the most exciting lives imaginable, you’ll feel compelled to do that, too. 

6. Try Not To Get Tied Down

Getting tied down to possessions and property is something most people they do. They feel under pressure from everybody around them to buy property, for example, when in actual fact this is something that you don’t have to do. Sure, it can give you a feeling of security, but a house isn’t always an investment – it can be a drain on your finances. Avoid getting tied down with too many possessions and you’ll feel more free and able to do what you want with your life. 

7. Shake Things Up Slowly

You don’t need to quit your job and start traveling right away. Shake things up slowly. Take a different route to work. Speak to somebody new. Just step out of your comfort zone bit by bit and prove to yourself that you are capable of doing these things. 

8. Make Sure You’re In The Right Mindset

Your mindset is absolutely critical if you want to start living. Having a positive mental attitude will do so much for you. Find the good in everything, and try to imagine that life is rigged in your favor. Instead of wondering ‘what could go wrong?’ wonder ‘what could go right?’. This simple change can make the world of difference! 

9. Figure Out What’s Truly Important To You

Knowing what is truly important to you is essential if you’re going to live a life filled with adventure. Maybe you don’t want to travel abroad, but you do want to spend more time out in nature. Well then, a camper van and all the gear would be beneficial. You don’t need to have the same dreams as everybody else. 

10. Commit To Doing More Things That Scare You

Do more things that scare you. If it scares you, then it’s probably a good opportunity for growth. Go to a new class. Speak to somebody you like. Put your art out there. Do the scary things and the magic will happen! Life tends to reward the brave. 

11. Find Adventure In The Ordinary 

You don’t need to do anything crazy – or the things you see on social media – to live a life filled with adventure. You can even find adventure in the ordinary. Find wonder in everything you do. The magic is there, but you need to be open to seeing it! 

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