Can You Claim Compensation For An Injury In The Gym?

What happens if you’re in the gym and injure yourself? It’s surprisingly easy to do this, but what are the repercussions? Getting injured while working out could leave you off work for many weeks, while also causing substantial medical bills. If you get hurt in pretty much any other setting, you’re almost guaranteed to claim compensation. So, what are the rules around gym injuries?

It depends if it is an accident

Some gym injuries could be considered personal injuries, while others might be looked at differently. Let’s say you’re walking around the gym, and you slip on a wet patch of flooring. Here, it’s an accident leading to an injury, so you have a right to claim compensation. The gym is responsible for keeping you safe, so any incidents like this will fall under their liability. Other examples include a faulty piece of equipment causing an injury, tripping over weights on the floor, etc. 

However, and this is what most of you are keen to understand, the rules are different if you caused the injury. What do we mean? Well, imagine you’re doing a shoulder press, and your shoulder dislocates. It’s an accident, you didn’t intend to hurt yourself, but you are responsible for it. If you ever took this to court, it would be easy for the gym to say, “well, they obviously couldn’t handle the weight, so it’s not our fault.” Or, it could be argued that you didn’t warm up properly, so it was your fault. In cases like these, you will be extremely lucky to get any compensation. It sucks, but those are the rules. 

What should you do if you’re injured in the gym?

Firstly, get the staff and receive any medical attention. Then, it’s worth phoning up a well-established personal injury law firm to get their view on the situation. Even if the injury was more exercise-related than an accident, it helps to see their guidance. From here, you can either proceed with a compensation claim or move on with your life. That sounds quite harsh, but it’s the truth! If you can’t get any compensation, there’s nothing left to do other than move on.

How do you avoid injuries in the gym?

Ironically, most gym injuries are of the second variety. Fitness centers are usually very good at keeping things safe. There are rarely any injuries that aren’t the fault of the person working out. So, it’s best to avoid injuring yourself as much as possible. All you have to do is follow these rules:

  • Always warm-up before working out
  • Don’t push yourself too hard and stay within your limits
  • Get someone to spot you if you are working out with heavy weights

It sounds simple because it is. There’s no science to it, just a good warm-up and some common sense!

If you’ve recently been injured in the gym, perhaps you’ve found this post useful in understanding what to do next. It’s also good to learn about these things, so you know what steps to take if they ever happen to you. Of course, the last point is the most important – keep yourself injury-free while working out.

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