Facial Grooming Advice For Men This Summer

The summer weather is nothing less than enjoyable – but it can cause havoc when it comes to looking your best. Your face and skin will be exposed to heat, humidity, the hot sun – and that’s not to mention the barbecues and beers that will be consumed. With this in mind, we’re going to go through some great facial care tips for men with you today, so read on to find out more.

Facial exercises

There are dozens of muscles in the jaw alone – we need them to chew, talk, and smile. Just like in any other part of the body, exercising your jaw can help build up strength and definition. Start trying out some facial workouts to improve your appearance. Chin lifts, jaw clenches and even smiling can all have a positive effect. These exercises will build more muscle, burn off fat, and give you a more chiselled look.

Protect and preserve

Your skin will need a lot more care when the sun comes out and starts blasting you with heat rays. Make sure you are using the best moisturizer for your skin type, and keep slapping on that UV protection. After sun products are going to be essential, too, to prevent dryness and flaking. Don’t go without protection, as the sun will damage your face a lot more than you might think. Wrinkles will appear, making you look older, and you may even develop something nasty like skin cancer.

Quit smoking

Cigarettes will have an adverse effect on your appearance in many ways,especially for your face. Your skin will have an unhealthy pallor, and the constant contact with cigarette smoke will also contribute to your skin sagging. Quit the smokes and your face will look immeasurably better within a couple of weeks.


Lay off the salty snacks

Salt makes food taste nice in many cases – but it’s also a problem for your skin. Too much salt in your diet will lead to your body retaining more water, to keep it hydrated. And, the more water you are carrying, the more bloated you will look. Cut out salt or reduce it by a significant amount, and the bloating will subside. It will make your face – look a lot more masculine, toned, and athletic.

Grow a beard

Can’t get rid of that double chin or weak jawline? If this sounds familiar, try growing a beard. It will help you hide your imperfections, and you can add definition to chisel out that jawline. Do you struggle to grow a beard, too? If so, take a look around and find a beard growth formula that works for you. Once your hair starts to cover your chin and jaw, clean up your neckline to give it a fuller appearance.

Use makeup

While many men might laugh at this suggestion, more guys than ever before are starting to use makeup. Don’t be surprised if they are in the majority in a decade or so, either. If you are up for the challenge, you can use makeup to add subtle contours to your jawline and cheekbones to emphasize its shape for a more masculine look.

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