Facial Hair… There Ain't Nothin Wrong With That! Part Deux

Not to long ago I posted about professional athletes and the wigs they sport on their faces. In my last post I broke things down in to 4 categories; Best Dick Broom (Moustache), Best Chin Scarf (Goatee), Best Flavor Saver (Fu Manchu), and Best Pussy Tickler (Beard). In this installment of Facial Hair… There Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That! Part Duex we will be bringing a top 10 of all top 10’s. One with images so great they will smack you in the face and take your lunch money before you know what happened. Without further adieu Thunder Treats presents the Top 10 Face Rugs you Wish you could grow!

10 – Mike Commodore

9 – Jim Neidhart

8 – Artis Gilmore

7 – Al Hrabosky

6 – Scott Player

5 – Alexi Lalas

4 – Dennis Eckersley

3 – Glenn Hubbard

2 – Walt Frazier

1 – Rollie Finers

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