Feeling And Looking Your Best Goes Hand In Hand

I think we can all agree that we all want to look and feel at our best. It isn’t about creating that ideal image we see portrayed in the press all too frequently. It isn’t about having the perfect figure, the perfect skin and everything else that goes with it. It is more about how you feel and look and what you are happy with as your ideal. It is really as simple as that. But feeling good can mean that you increase in confidence which could then be portrayed into how you look. Looking good can have your bursting with confidence and injecting all of the good and positive vibes into how you feel. They really do go hand in hand. But while as we have mentioned it isn’t about creating this perfect image, it is about feeling happy with you. I thought I would share with you some of the best ways you can look and feel your best.

Changing your diet

One of the first areas you could focus on is your diet and what you eat. What we put into our bodies is ultimately what we get out of them, and so having more of a focus on the food you eat could help you to start feeling better about yourself. It isn’t about extreme diets either, as we will explore in more detail later, it is more to do with giving your body what it needs to function daily.

Drinking more water

Water is nature’s natural detox, and so drinking more of it is only going to benefit you in many ways. Of course, you will get the major feeling of feeling hydrated, and also seeing the  benefits in terms of your how you feel. But drinking more water can actually affect you in other positive ways such as increasing your energy levels, giving you a better skin tone and also helping you to sleep more.

Having a balanced diet

A balanced diet is more about eating all of the food groups and giving your body what it needs to function instead of cutting things out or doing extreme diets where you have a significant amount of weight loss early on, but not something that can be sustained long term. If you do want to put some focus on your diet then you could try one of the latest crazes which is going sugar free. It may sound quite obvious to rid yourself of the white stuff, but actually sugar is in a lot of other foods, so it can be quite interesting to see the difference it could make.

Trying a complete lifestyle change

Another way to put focus on your diet is by changing your lifestyle in terms of what you eat. It could be that you want to try vegetarianism, or even going completely plant based with a vegan diet. Other diets could see you just eating fish. This is more about a lifestyle, as you make a commitment to these sorts of diets and they could drastically change the way you look and feel for the better.

How you dress

The clothes you put on signify you and your personality, or they are certainly meant to anyway. But we can all be guilty of wearing the same things, or really focusing on our clothes in a negative way. Afraid to wear something because they feel it doesn’t suit them or they don’t feel confident enough to wear it. How you dress is a big way to boost your confidence and help you to feel fabulous on the inside and the outside.

Creating a capsule wardrobe

By creating something like a capsule wardrobe, you are taking that air of uncertainty and indecisiveness out of deicing what you should be wearing. A capsule wardrobe consist of investing in key pieces, different colors, patterns and textures and being able to match them together. Pairing the clothes with key accessories like tactical watches for men, different jewellery, bags and other items like shoes to help create different looks without the need of endless garments and items to choose from.

Power dressing for the occasion

You might also want to consider how you dress for certain occasions and power dressing can actually give you the confidence to fake it until you make it. This works especially well for event sin work where you feel like all eyes are on you, or if you are simply wanting to try and create a look and persona even if you don’t necessarily feel that way right now. It is all in the mindset.

Could it be exercise that holds the answer?

Exercise is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself. Not only does it increase your fitness levels and help you to have more energy, but it can also send those positive hormones called endorphins round your body which mentally help you to feel amazing. Exercise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I get that. Especially if you are starting at the beginning of your fitness journey. It can feel so tough to overcome those first few sessions of exercise where you feel worse before you get better, but stick with it.

Exercising more frequently

Maybe you should think about exercising more frequently. Doing something often means that you are more likely to stick with it as you start to see results and find some of the exercises that you do much easier. It is all about being active and making that choice. So it doesn’t necessarily mean you are in the gym everyday. It could be choosing to walk somewhere instead of driving, taking your pet dog out for a walk, or following a workout on platforms like YouTube.

Trying new things

You may want to try something new when it comes to exercise to help keep the interest alive. It can be difficult to enjoy things like gym workouts or even running if it isn’t interesting enough. There are loads of different types of activities you can try that can help make a difference. It could be trying out yoga or going swimming regularly. It might be that you try out a different sport and join a group. Giving you the chance to meet new people as well as exercising and getting the general benefit.

Is it all in your mind?

Finally, the last thing to consider is your mindset. This has been left till last because actually it is the most powerful asset you have when it comes to looking and feeling your best. Your mind controls your thoughts, and therefore controls what you think about yourself. Having a decent mindset can help you thrive in other areas. It can help you to be disciplined with diet and exercise, and can give you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone. It isn’t just about changing your mindset, there are different aspects of it that could help you develop the right outlook.

Changing your thought process

Your thought process is a big one, the one thing that could really affect how you feel because it is the epitome of what you are thinking. A negative mindset can have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. Instead, trying to have positive thoughts can be a game changer. It can often feel forced at first, as you are making it your mission to think more carefully and only use positive notions and language, but it will soon become a habit.

Having a positive outlook on life

Your outlook on life can equally be just as important as your main feelings towards what you are doing on a day to day basis. If you are thinking that outlook is looking gloomy for life, perhaps even as into the near future as a busy week or year ahead, it can impact what you think and it can then have a negative impact on your life. It is time to start being positive and having a brighter outlook can also help when it comes to positive thinking.

Could a vision board help?

A vision board is something that came out of a concept called the secret. Where you place all of the things you want out of your life on  aboard where you can see it daily. You then imagine your life with those things as if they were your reality right now. You imagine that it is all real and it is happening, and it will manifest as the law of attraction. There is more to it than this quick synopsis, but a vision board is an excellent way to remind yourself of the good things that you want out of life.

Getting more sleep

Finally, sleep can be seen as the holy grail, but actually it really is a key ingredient for looking and feeling your best. Your body needs time to rest and recuperate, and getting as much quality sleep as possible can really help you wake up in the right frame of mind.

I hope these tips help you to look and feel your best.

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