Fixing Your Office Chair Is The Most Important Thing You Could Do All Year

A bad office chair with a squeaky wheel can be infuriating, but did you know that poorly kept office chairs can also cause you harm. Postural fatigue is a syndrome caused by not having the correct position between your office chair and your screen. 

If one of your casters is higher than the others, this slight imbalance could be harming your posture. This harm can result in sore necks and headaches, meaning you might not be able to focus as much and take longer breaks. Taking time to get your casters fixed won’t just allow you to glide around the office floor with ease. It might make you more productive. More productivity can either mean getting through your work faster, giving you more leisure and downtime, or, if you are profit-driven, allow you to increase the number of sales or deals you can execute on any given day.  

Most office chairs have the ability for casters to be easily and quickly replaced. They are replaceable because manufacturers know that there is significantly more wear and tear on a caster than the rest of the seat. Replacing just the casters is better for the environment too. You wouldn’t buy a new car every time you had to replace the tires. 

As this simple infographic below shows, replacing casters can be a quick job carried out in six simple steps that could make the rest of your year more comfortable, more focussed, and best of all, might even make you more money.

Infographic designed by: Autonomous

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