Former MMA Fighter Comes Across Home Intruder, Beats Him ‘With Mercy’

Dan LaSavage used to be known as “Savage” Dan LaSavage.

Maybe we ought to let him keep the nickname.

During the first night his new home, LaSavage awoke to some weird noises and went to inspect. What he found was 47-year-old Richard Melville rifling through his shit.

“As I walked fast, I turned around, and it was right here,” LaSavage said. “He had blue latex gloves on, and I was like, ‘What are you doing here?’ He popped up and had like crazy eyes and was like ‘Ahhhahhh.’ He didn’t, like, say any words.”

Melville, a career criminal, tried charging at LaSavage who caught him and quickly put him into a sleeper hold. A reenactment with a female reporter can be seen in the news clip below, which I found especially entertaining.

LaSavage says although he knocked out the burglar with the sleeper hold, he did only what he had to do to insure the safety of him and his family. It could have been much worse for Melville.

“I did beat him pretty good, but I beat him with mercy,” he said. “I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to do what he did here, and he’d never come back. I guarantee he’ll never come back.”


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