Morning Coffee: Alexandra Stan, Victor Martinez Rounds Third and Heads for the Dugout, Tyrann Mathieu Invites You to his First Round Draft Party & Girl Tripping on Meth in Wal-Mart

I love Mr. Saxobeat and now I love Alexandra Stan // Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cleavage was on Ellen //  If this was staring at you every morning could you get out of bed? // Australian dame Jessica Cribbons //

Here is hot Ronda Rousey putting hot Stephanie Abrams in an armbar // Victor Martinez rounded third last night and with his team down one run, he bypassed the plate and headed for the dugout // Clayton Kershaw has a new SportsCenter commercial that is awesome // The anchor that dropped an F-bomb on air now thinks he can make it at ESPN…he’s probably right // The Honey Badger was sending out invitations to his draft party celebrating his first round selections..days before the draft // Barry Sanders will grace the Madden NFL 14 cover // Marcus Lattimore says he’ll be ready week 1 //

Did you know Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy were related? Here’s more // 19 signs you’re a parent // Former President of the United States Bill Clinton is officially on Twitter // Justin Bieber’s bus was busted for pot, yet no one got arrested // Zach Braff has turned to Kickstarter to help fund his follow-up to Garden State // Fuel barges exploded in Alabama // Stressed? Do you live in one of these states? // Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev texted Mother he was “willing to die for Islam” //

Youngstown State University Kevin Hix with an awesome grab over the wall via Bobs Blitz


DON’T DO METH. via @RedWhiteBlueLLC

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