No Class.

Pete Carroll never surprises me.  There are a few things to expect during the every USC football season.  They will roll over their opponents by anywhere from 40 to 50 points, they will leave their first string in longer than anyone ever should and they will usually have one let down game.  I never really respected Pete Carroll as a coach because of the way he ran the score up on teams.  It is sad that the media, including ESPN, refer to it as “going for the jugular”.  It is sad that is talked about in interviews and post game shows as “another impressive offensive showing for the Trojans”.  Something even worse happened this week when junior QB Mark Sanchez declared eligibility for the NFL draft, foregoing his senior campaign in Southern California.  Coach Pete Carroll, at the press conference, openly bashed his QB for leaving early saying that he wasn’t ready and that if he stayed he would get more money in the NFL next year.  What a greedy son of a bitch.  This coach does not care about his players, he cares about his image.  His image of retaining his QB’s until graduation is now faded.  He cannot sell recruits on the fact that playing at USC is so rewarding that his most heralded players will stay all four years.

Why in the hell would Sanchez NOT go pro?  All of the odds are in his favor.  With Bradford, Tebow and McCoy all staying, his draft status sky rockets to the #2 QB in the draft.  If all of those quarterbacks come out then Sanchez drops to the #5 QB in the draft.  His knee is another issue.  He blew it out in practice before the season and had to wear a big brace on it throughout the season.  He is risking injury and his future by staying for another season.  If Mark Sanchez really wanted some advice on what to do, maybe he could hit up Matt Leinart and ask him if he thought staying was a good idea.  Leinart lost out on close to $20 million because he stayed for his senior year.  They did go to the national championship, but lost to the Horns.  What Pete Carroll means when he suggests that he is “not ready and needs another year” is “he can’t leave, Mitch Mustaine isn’t ready yet”.  Pete Carroll is all about himself and not about his players.  Pete Carroll is a fart-face douche mouth. 

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