Quick Tips To Buy Body Armor Online

Body armor is a life-saving gear and you should not settle for anything but the best while shopping for one. Buying a vest from a quality shop does have its advantages because their employees can assist you with the choice. Things are, however, different if you decide to shop online. Although you have to be a little more careful about picking stuff, the convenience of shopping online is unmatched. Additionally, you can explore an amazing range and get some good deals with a few clicks. You just need to be extra smart while exploring the options and picking one that matches your needs. Here are some quick tips that can help.

Look for only a reputed site

You can shop for a pair of shoes anywhere online but would not want to buy a cheap piece of body armor at just any web store. Look only for a reputed site that is known for supplying branded products. The top-rated ballistic material brands such as Dyneema and Honeywell collaborate only with selected body armor manufacturers to sell officially. In fact, they do not even allow others to their brand name and logo. So you must absolutely double-check the site’s reputation and the brands it offers.

Prioritize quality

When it comes to shopping online, you cannot see and experience the products physically. Therefore, quality should be your top concern while shopping for bulletproof vests. Check the ballistic material used for the vest and also verify its grade. Read through the descriptions to find out about the protection levels that the body armor offers. The protection level you choose depends on your requirements. For example, Level 2-A, 2 and 3-A offer handgun protection while body armor level 3 and body armor level 4 provide rifle protection. Obviously, you should opt for the latter if you need more protection.

Consider the make

While quality should be your top concern, consider the make because it has an impact on the durability and protection levels as well. The majority of body armor sold online has an Oriental (Chinese) origin. Though you can expect decent protection from some of these products, they may not maintain it over a prolonged time interval. This is a piece that you would want to last for years, so durability should also be on top of your checklist.

Know the sizing facts

When you buy a vest online, you will not be able to try before buying. Good knowledge of the sizing facts can help you pick a bulletproof vest that is a perfect fit. Buying armor that is too large will hamper mobility and one that is too small may compromise with protection. Also, have clarity whether you want an overt vest or a concealed one because the choice will also determine the sizing. Ask a friend to help you measure the ideal size for your body armor because you will not be able to do it alone.

Following these basic facts can definitely help you choose the right body armor online. The priorities should include overall protection and good quality while you should not ignore personal comfort as well.


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