The Essential Guide To Embracing All Things Vintage

If you are eager to embrace all things vintage to get on the retro bandwagon, you could consider your home interior, your fashionista credentials, and your set of wheels. Vintage has recently become all the rage as the trend has become cyclical once again. People are now choosing to reject new build and flat-pack furniture in favor of mid-century one of a kind pieces. People are choosing to reject the allure of the high gloss modern kitchen units in favor of older more country style cabinets. And campervans are becoming a real status symbol to have on your driveway. If you want to jump on the vintage bandwagon, take a look at these simple ways to embrace all things retro and period.

Home Interior

While you might yearn for a minimalist and clutter free interior, don’t assume that this means you have to go modern. Instead, you can go for the white walled decor with some achingly cool retro artwork and some 1960s retro Danish furniture. The teak sideboards, nests of tables, and apothecary drawers ooze a certain retro style. Coupled with sputnik style orb lighting, anglepoise lamps, and hardwood flooring, you can create an eclectic interior that takes elements of modern living but gives it a vintage twist. Make it your mission to reclaim or rescue period features such as fireplaces, cornice, and ceiling roses. These are features that you can have within your home to give it a real unique twist. Don’t head to Ikea to buy the same furniture as everyone else, and head to your local auction house instead.


If you are used to looking slick, suited and booted, you might want to embrace a more vintage vibe in your attire. Consider checking out the camel duffel coats made by Buzz Rickson. This retro coat worn over a plaid shirt with some vintage Levis and brogues will give your outfit a touch of vintage flair. You could choose to head to thrift shops and check out their vintage clothes racks. Picking up vintage 1980s retro jeans, leather jackets, and Nike Airs will allow you to experiment with your fashion style.

Set Of Wheels

If you are something of a petrolhead, the chances are that you know a lot about cars already. Back in the day, Volkswagen Golfs were seen as the premium car of the day that was accessible to the masses. If you can get your hand on a 1990s example today, you will have a modern classic on your driveway. Alternatively, you could choose to embark on a project to renovate a small Mini. These classic old-school cars are like go karts to drive and are great fun. If you fancy a vehicle that you can take on road trips, a retro 1960s campervan could be ideal. These brightly colored classics ooze retro style and there are clubs across the world seeking to preserve these touring classics.

Follow this guide and you can embrace all things vintage from cars to fashion and from period features to mid-century furniture.

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