The Zipline Adventures Possible in Whistler

Whistler is one of the most magical places to go ziplining. The views are spectacular, and the adrenalin rush is hard to compare with anything else.

You can follow the link Whistler Zipline Tour to find out more about these kinds of adventures that are possible in Whistler, BC. Also, receive some tips on what to bring.

In the meantime, we will consider ziplines and how Whistler is ideal for them.

What is a Zipline?

A zipline, also known as a zip wire or zip power line, is simply a pulley that is suspended on a cable. Generally, it is made from stainless steel. To increase the thrill, the zipline will be mounted on a slope. They will be for different distances, depending on location and the age group expected to use it.

Historically, ziplines would be utilized as a form of transport for people or items through rugged mountain terrain. This would originally be in remote areas, such as in China. They would be used as a means of crossing rivers so that people would not have to swim or take ferry rides which would be quite dangerous.

Ziplining in Whistler

Specifically in Whistler, there are Superfly Ziplines. The set-up here will allow you to explore not just one trail but a network of them. These trails will connect between the top and bottom of the ziplining adventure, and when you are at the top you can experience the most wonderful view. It is the perfect location for a zipline. At the top, the zipline begins your adventure for you. Qualified instructors will be on hand to give you a safe and satisfying experience.

Whistler is known for snowboarding and skiing in winter and mountain biking in the summer. There is, however, now another pursuit that you can consider, and that is ziplining. It does not require the same level of expertise as, for example, the snow sports, but it provides the exhilaration and feeling of daring, nonetheless. It is good to be able to experience this aspect of extreme sports without lots of training and just through minimal instruction. You can then also concentrate more on the view that you see.

In terms of the view, the mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb exist side-by-side and consist of 8,171 acres of terrain. Those into snow sports may know that there are two-hundred runs, three glaciers, and sixteen alpine bowls. When we are on a zipline we can be above all that.

For some history about Whistler, because we all love to know the history of a place, its original name was Alta Lake. It was the settlers that would start to call the region “Whistler.” This is because of the sounds made by the western hoary marmots who inhabit the rocks.

The Views

To capture your Whistler view you should not forget to bring a camera. You cannot only take the view of Cougar Mountain as you descend but take a selfie to prove that you have done it. Then it cannot just be a photograph of you but also one of your friends to prove that they were with you and experiencing the same extreme adrenalin rush.

There is nothing better than a shared experience. Also, an experience that was so amazing we will not only remember it for some time but want to talk about it with everyone we later meet.

With Whistler, we have the double pleasure of being able to marvel at the views as well as enjoy the zipline adventures. We can have the best of both worlds. There is an adventure and there is a view to record for prosperity that is hard to equal anywhere in the world. If you are into such views, then Whistler is the place for you. For anybody who loves the idea of an extreme sport but does not want all the training the other pursuits would require, then a zipline still offers a way to feel the adrenalin and provides the feeling that you are taking fun to the next level.

A zip wire is a similar experience to the drop you might feel on a rollercoaster ride as it descends. There are not lots of people all around you, though. It is a more personal experience to be on a zipline and enjoy the view without the crowds so close to you.

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