Thunder Treats Podcast Episode 103: The NFL Playoffs, WWE, Robert Allenby, Joe Paterno’s Wins & Greg Anthony’s Prostitutes

Welcome to the 103rd edition of the Thunder Treats Podcast! This week’s episode has nothing to do with Ohio State. So all you haters can return to the regular schedule now without listening to us homers talk about the Buckeyes.

This week’s episode was back to normal, aka going in 500 directions at one time. We ended up talking about WWE for like 10 minutes. One-hundred and three episodes without a mention of the WWE and then all of the sudden we spend ten minutes on it.

  • The NFL Playoffs
  • WWE
  • Robert Allenby and Rob Konrad
  • Joe Paterno’s wins
  • Greg Anthony’s prostitute
  • Hope Solo and Jerremy Stevens DUI
  • Paris Hilton boob job

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