Top Exercises to Lose Weight

Working from home has been a trend in this pandemic, and it is safer than taking public transport to go to the office. But over the past few months, I have been gaining weight. Every time I face the mirror, I cannot help but be alarmed by my body. There was a point where I lost a huge part of my self-esteem. Whenever we went to the office for a monthly meeting, I was always conscious of my body. Recently, I decided that I’d had enough. Not only did I want to lose some of the weight I had gained, but I wanted to become more toned and muscular. I knew exercise and muscle building supplements would help me achieve my weight loss goals. So, I tried to change my lifestyle and routine. I found these top exercises online, and they helped me restore my confidence and get  my body back in shape:


During the second quarter of 2020, it was hard to run in my favorite park. But in 2021 things are a bit different. Thank goodness! I now love running in the neighborhood. For the first few weeks, I could really see the difference. My muscles got firmer. My belly got flatter. Yes, I lost weight. I also made sure to vary my running workouts. For instance, I now increase the speed of my morning routine. I also love to sprint a couple of times, and it relatively engages my core. Running alone, however, is boring sometimes. That is why I recommend you team up with a partner. It is fun and challenging.

Jump Rope 

I thought jump rope was only for kids. But it’s not. A jump rope is for people of all ages. My fitness trainer let me use a jump rope to lose weight. For every 30 minutes, I can burn at least 318 calories. That is massive. One thing I love about this workout is that it is a full-body exercise. It is not only good for the heart but also for other parts of the body. If you are looking for a physical activity that will improve your coordination and cardiovascular health, I would highly recommend jumping rope. Like running, you can also vary your jumping rope exercise. You can jump with one or two feet, depending on your preference. It is incredibly engaging.

Strength Training 

I feel afraid whenever I hear strength training. I do not know why. Maybe, I always associate the exercise with bulky equipment. When I began this workout, I realized you did not have to lift heavy fitness tools right away. Strength training helps us build lean muscle mass. Studies have shown that our metabolism begins to slow down once we turn 30. Experts say that the more muscles we have, the higher our metabolism, enabling us to burn more calories every day.

That’s not all though! Strength training prevents the risk of osteoporosis. When done right, it keeps our shoulders, spine, and hips in top condition.


I have been an athletic person ever since I was young. But kickboxing was not my specialty until a close friend of mine stopped by and encouraged me to give it a try. I know I’ll never be Roma Patsalides, but I can certainly try! When I started, it was fun. More than the intense excitement, kickboxing is another effective way to shred unwanted pounds and sculpt our muscles. But there is a lot of information to learn, and you will get there. It takes time and does not happen right away. I love the jab, round-kick, side-kick, and front-kick. It is extremely intense, however. It is not the type of exercise for those who lack willpower and patience.


If you have tried kickboxing and are still looking for another more complex exercise, spinning is something you cannot afford to ignore. Usually performed on an actual or stationary bike, spinning can effectively build endurance and burn calories, according to experts. If you have recently been injured because of strenuous exercise, spinning is low impact and safe. You could still lose weight without acquiring more injuries. Many believe spinning only targets the lower body. But it is not as simple as that. By engaging your core and practicing the right form, spinning will be a full-body workout you will come to love through the years.

Getting ripped does not need to be daunting. The more you enjoy every physical activity, the better the result!

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