Top Ideas For One-Day Vacations

Everybody looks forward to those sunnier months of the year, but sometimes other things get in the way of families taking that much-needed vacation. Life may get a little hectic, and there isn’t the time or money to take the family on a two week holiday to Paris. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t all take some time off as a family now and then; in fact, there are ways to do so without breaking the bank and potentially having a better time than a lazy holiday on some beach in a sunny country. Not everyone in the family might agree with that proposal straight away, but here are some great ideas for a brief one-day vacation which might completely change their tune (and yours if you’re still skeptical).

Tickets for a sports event

Whilst not everybody loves lazing on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon to watch the football with you, the family might love the idea of you surprising them with tickets to a game. The game itself might not even matter, because the fun part of it is being part of that crowd and feeding off the atmosphere. If there is a sport that your kids love, of course, then surprising them with tickets to that game will definitely blow them away. Timing is the key here, as there are often deals on for big holiday events at certain times of the year. Chosen correctly, this one-day trip out could be make for a more impressive day out than a fourteen-day trip to the other side of the world. It’s about gauging what your family would love to do.

A trip on the wild side

Load the car with luggage, both parents and all the children. Once everyone is strapped in, drive to your nearest park, lake or area of natural beauty and just bask in the glow of mother nature. If there’s a right way to do a surprise one-day holiday, then this is certainly it. It’s about the fun you’ll have together as a family, rather than the location itself. Still, if you choose a nice lake, you could look into dabbling in a little fishing on a charter boat whilst you’re out there. You could even let the festivities roll out into the evening and make a campfire over which you could eat some marshmallows until a late hour if you don’t have work the next morning.

Go on a tour of your local area

You and your kids might be surprised to find that there are exciting things on your very doorstep. A tour of your local town or city (or perhaps simply a town nearby that you never considered visiting) could reveal some hidden gems that you never really noticed on daily your commute to your work or even things you kids missed on their journey to school. Often we’re so busy that we neglect to check our fascinating museums, galleries or even beautiful parks on our very doorstep. You could take this one-day vacation as the opportunity to show the family the wonders of the very place in which you’ve all been living.

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