‘Working Out’ A Career In Personal Training

If health and fitness is your passion, you may have already considered taking it to the next level and becoming a personal trainer. Being able to earn money for something you love is most people’s dream. However, making a successful career out personal training isn’t easy – it takes hard work and dedication. Here are a few useful tips to help you to not only get your foot in the door but turn personal training into a successful business venture.

Take a course

With so many people competing to get into the fitness industry, qualifications are very important. You don’t need a degree – there are a number of fitness courses that allow easy access. Here you will learn not just the practical side of fitness, but theory on muscle groups, diets and the physics of exercise. Certain courses can allow you to specialize in other areas such as physical therapy and coaching. Most courses take a few weeks to complete, from which point on you can start to get work.

Get hired by a gym

One of the easiest places to find clients is the gym, where people are already in the mindset of wanting to get fit and healthy. Finding a position at a gym can not only allow you to use their services for free, but also give you more of an official status. Some gyms may only offer a voluntary position in exchange for being able to use all the equipment and perhaps taking a few classes. Try every local gym in the area – eventually you’ll find work.

Offer free tasters

Getting your first clients is the hardest part of becoming a personal trainer. Most people will respect you more for having previous clients under your belt. The best way to entice people in at first is to offer free taster sessions. Even if they don’t want to continue with you full time, you can use them to form testimonials to put on your social media or website. Train your clients in public locations where you’re likely to gain the interest of other potential clients such as gyms, parks and sports fields.

Find your niche

As a personal trainer, you’ll be competing against many others. Find yourself a niche so that you can stand out from the crowd. Common specialties are running, bodybuilding, slimming and group sessions. If you take part in yoga or martial arts or dance you could incorporate this into your personal training and make it your USP. You could also offer extras such as physical therapy, self-defense or dietitian work. Also try to incorporate unique exercises with unique objects into your exercise that will attract the attention of passers-by such as boxing gloves, kettle bells, balls and skipping ropes.

Market yourself

Like any business owner, marketing yourself is essential to getting clients. There are countless ways to do this from leaflets, branded t-shirts and business cards. Take advantage of online mediums such as having a website and social media – you can use this to show off testimonials of past clients. Make every moment a marketing opportunity from talking to people at social events to leaving your business card in the waiting room of the barbers when you go to get a haircut.


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