Interactive Map Allows You To See How Many People Have Been Shot Near You This Year

It seems like everyday you turn on the news, you hear about a shooting of some sort. It could be the local news, reporting on local violence or it could be a major news outlet reporting on a mass shooting national tragedy.

Most of the time you will sit and watch from the comfort of your own home, thankful that this didn’t happen near you. But what if something like this did happen near you and you just didn’t know? Maybe

 not on a scale as large as something in San Bernardino, but just one person getting shot is too many, right?

Thanks to a project called the Gun Violence Archive, we now have access to data on shootings, both homicide and non-fatal, before the government releases them. In addition, since it is 2015, you are also able to enter your city or even your address and it will show you if there was a shooting near you. The map is coded so you can see if it was a homicide, multiple victim, or a non-fatal shooting. In addition to that, if there is an incident near you, you can click on it and get all the information pertaining to it. The info outlines location, participants, characteristics, sources, and firearms involved. 

It really is an amazing database. 

Click on the graphic below to put in your address.  

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