5 Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Performance

In this era of global digital enterprises, it seems like everyone has a blog or passion project they are enthusiastic about. There is a lot of chat on the Internet about earning money from these blogs and projects, but how realistic is it? If your corner of the Internet is only for you and your cats, you may not be interested in turning a profit; but for those who are, and for those willing to engage with online marketing tools, there are clear financial advantages. 

Create an Ebook 

Whatever subject you’re blogging about, even if it’s an insuring your property management company, after a few months, you will have become something of a niche expert. When you’re comfortable enough with your subject, it could be time to create an ebook and start generating some proper money from your efforts. Ebooks are surprisingly easy to write, self-publish, and market. Think of it as an extended blog that runs to around 50,000 words. Sign up with Kindle Direct and set your price. You can then link your blog posts to the ebook. 

Marketing With Blog Posts 

As mentioned above, after you’ve created an ebook, you’ll need to promote it. Even if the writing and ideas contained within the book are outstanding, it’s not going to sell itself. The good news is that you already have a blog with followers that can be used to drive traffic. Create some blog posts specifically for marketing your blog and create other links in older posts. You want to make a network of links that all lead to promotional material with links to your ebook. 

Use Google Ads 

You might find that not only does your ebook not get any sales, but your blog also doesn’t get any visitors. This may happen if you are relying on organic SEO strategies. It can take some time for search engines to find your latest blog posts and catalogue them in the index. Then more time for readers to find them. The process can be accelerated with Google Ads, which puts your promotional blog post right at the top of relevant search engine results. 

Use Amazon Affiliates

If you’re serious about earning a livelihood from your blog, you can’t ignore Amazon Affiliates. This is a system set up by Amazon to promote their products through third-party advertising such as your blog. Apply to the affiliates service, and they will assess your eligibility. This normally means how many followers you have. Once accepted, you can set up links to products on Amazon and receive a commission when something is sold.  

Track Your Sales 

To ensure that your blog is operating successfully, you will need to track your sales and optimize them as if you were an algorithm. Identify where your traffic is arriving from; does it come through Google Ads or organic results? If it’s the latter, you can always reduce your spending on the Ads and improve your efficiency. Tracking your sales can also tell you valuable information about your pricing strategy and whether it should be improved. 

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