6 Strategies For Playing Live Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the most popular games of chance in the live casino. The basic blackjack rules and strategies are relatively easy and quick to learn. However, in particular, experienced players are looking for tips and tricks with which they can increase their chances of winning in live blackjack. There is no secret recipe, of course, but below we have listed a variety of tried and tested strategies and tricks that can lead to greater success in live blackjack online. I wish you’ll get success.

Live blackjack – What matters?

Before we look at the individual rules, here are the essentials at a glance. In blackjack, you have to move closer to 21 without over purchasing than the live dealer. As a result, your chances of success depend on only two things:

What do your first 2 cards look like?

What does the dealer’s first card look like?

More information is not available to you at the beginning of the blackjack game in the casino. And so, you will need to determine your further strategy based on the answers to these two questions.

Tips for playing live blackjack

1. Whether you’ve got a set of aces or an 8s pair, split!

Basically, in live blackjack online, you always can split and thus play with 2 hands if your first 2 cards are identical. This is only interesting if you have a pair of aces or a pair of 8s.

If you split a pair of aces, you have the chance of blackjack with one new card. The two 8s add up to 16, which is the worst hand in blackjack. Why? With two 8s, you are still relatively far away from 21. At the same time, however, there is a high risk that you will exceed 21 with the next card. If you split the 8s, there is a high probability that you can get to 18 with your next card.

2. Split no 10 or 6 pairs!

If you get a pair of 10s on the first move, you have 20 points in your hand – an incredibly good value! Because the probability that the live dealer will get exactly 21 points is very low, your risk of deteriorating, but extremely high. Hold it if you have a set of 6 because a split would lead to the worst hand – 16 points (see 1.).

3. Think carefully about whether you want to take out insurance

It is not exactly a trick, but an important basic rule: insurance can only be used in blackjack if the dealer’s upcard is an ace. You are betting that the next card will have a value of 10, resulting in blackjack.

If you choose insurance, you protect yourself in the live dealer blackjack games. Many blackjack fans refer to this as the worst bet in the live casino. The problem is, the insurance stake is half your original stake. With a 2: 1 payout ratio with a 33% probability, the risk may not be high enough to warrant such a high stake. Do you see it differently, then tell us in the comments.

4. Card counting in blackjack

Card counting in and of itself is not illegal – even if it is frowned upon in casinos of course. Today the operators of the large casinos are already using video surveillance to locate the players. Of course, nobody is watching you when you play live blackjack in the online casino. A chance to practice card counting? After all, the live dealer blackjack games use real cards and card slides. But joking aside, card counting is a fine art that few players have mastered really well.

5. When to choose hit and stand

Your most important decision in the best live blackjack online is whether or not to have cards added to you. To not waste a good hand, always compare your card values ​​with those of the dealer.

At least get additional cards (hit) until you have reached a value of 17 or above. If the live dealer has a 10, you shouldn’t add any more at 17 (or higher) (stand), as the risk of getting over 21 is too high. However, if you have a soft 18 (an 18 where an ace is played as an 11), then go ahead.

6. Choose the correct live blackjack variant

In the live casino lobby, you will usually find several game variants, including some with adapted rules and betting limits. However, before you start playing, it pays first to read the game’s exact rules to find the game variant that suits your playing style and budget. For example, if you’re playing for fun, the VIP lobby may not be for you as you would have to play with a minimum bet of $ 50 or more.

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