Christmas Entertainment Ideas for Families

Each year, when the holiday season approaches, you probably start thinking about how you’ll decorate your home, what meals to prep, and what you and your family will do for Christmas. If you’ve decided this year to take advantage of the occasion and solidify your family bond, you’re probably wondering what type of activities to engage in. 

Spending time with your family is always nice, but the age differences can sometimes get in the way, and not every family member might enjoy themselves equally. That’s why, this year, you should prepare yourself in advance, and come up with a few Christmas activities you can be certain everyone will love. 

So how should you handle entertainment? Which ideas are likely to provide you with the fun and excitement you want? Here are some suggestions for you: 

A jigsaw puzzle with a Christmas theme

Jigsaw puzzles are great because they can be easily enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age. If you want to do something that both the adults and the children will like, this would be the perfect idea. With Christmas approaching, you will find a variety of puzzles with interesting Christmas themes. Think about how difficult or easy you want the puzzling to actually be. If you want a challenge, a 1,000 piece puzzle would do the trick.


While this might not initially seem like an entertainment idea, decorating is actually something you can enjoy as a family. Deciding where to put the Christmas sacks, hanging lights and garlands, adding ornaments all over the living room – every activity that is related to decoration should involve all family members. 

Get your hands on the necessary supplies and decorations, get the entire family together one evening, and start prepping the place up for Christmas. To keep things fun, don’t give your kids too many indications on where to add certain Christmas accessories. Let everyone use their creativity, even if the end results might not come off as perfect as you’d pictured. 

Scavenger hunt – Christmas edition 

Make a list of items that are usually in your home or in the garden during the winter holiday season. Hide these items all over the household and in the backyard, give the list to each family member, and send them off on a Scavenger hunt. It’s up to you to decide how many items they need to recover, and where exactly you’ll be hiding them. Because the kids will probably need some extra motivation, prep some rewards for the winner. This will get them more involve in the game – everyone likes a bit of competition. 

Oven mitts game

You’ve spent quite a lot of time beautifully wrapping all the presents now placed under the Christmas tree? Why not have your kids and spouse spend just as much time opening them up as well? The oven mitts game is a fun activity that will help you prolong the anticipation of opening presents. 

Simply give everyone a pair of oven mitts, and start unwrapping the gifts with them on. This will be even harder than it sounds, and you and our family will most definitely share some laughs, especially if you have children who are eager to see what presents they’ve received. This will slow down them down, and make the moment even more special than it already is. 

Decorating cookies

It wouldn’t be Christmas if you wouldn’t bake some delicious Christmas-themed cookies. Well, why not transform this from a chore into a fun activity, and get the entire family involved? How? By starting a decorating contest.  Lay out the essentials on the kitchen table, and let everyone decorate their cookies as they think it would look best. Set a prize for the family member who does the best job. You’ll get some tasty and funny-looking treats at the end of this game. 

Christmas charades

If you have a big family, you’ve probably played charades at least once. It’s a relaxing and exciting activity regardless of occasion. However, to make things a bit more festive, stick to Christmas-related terms solely, it can be anything from a popular Christmas movie to Santa Clause. Separate everyone into teams, and have each member take turns on doing the acting. The team who gets most points wins. 

Christmas stocking game

Start by putting random objects into a stocking. It’s entirely up to you what you want to add. Tie a piece of ribbon around the stocking once it’s filled, so no one can look inside it. Put everyone in a circle and have each person fell and guess what is inside. Have them write down their guesses. The person who manages to guess most items is the one who wins. To make it even more exciting, the winner gets to keep everything that was inside the stocking. This rule will make the children more eager to participate and actually give their interest. 

Pin the nose on Rudolph

This is an all-time classic, and considering how much fun the game is, why not include it in your list of Christmas activities? You can buy the game from the store, or if you prefer, you can opt for the DIY version. Simply draw or paint a picture of Rudolph. Cut a circular piece of paper and paint it in red, and add a thumbtack to it. Use a blindfold and have everyone take turns. Whoever pins the nose closest to where it’s supposed to be wins the game. 

If you want to make this Christmas more special and fun than ever for you and your family, thinking ahead and finding a few entertainment options will be great. The ideas mentioned above are worth considering. From a fun Christmas-edition scavenger hunt to Christmas charades and regular decorating, each one of these suggestions will help you spend some quality time with your family member, and create some special memories together this holiday season. Look over these recommendations and decide on the options that suit you most. Christmas should be about family and spending enjoyable moments together. 

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