How to Use μTorrent

If you find a movie that you want to download with the help of torrent, then you need to know how to do it. First, we need to find μTorrent free download link, if you don’t have such and get the program. Then look for the movie you want to watch. On the label above the description of the films, there is information. Let’s look at some terms.


Seed is the user who downloaded the file (s) and continues to distribute it. The more seeds, the better, of course. In square brackets, the maximum rate of recoil is written. By the way, if the file doesn’t have a single seed – this doesn’t mean that you cannot download it completely.


A peer is a user who is currently participating in the distribution.


Leech is a user who downloaded only part of the file (different segments) and distributes them. You can see detailed statistics of peers – that is, users who distribute this file. It will also indicate the speed at which each of them has a recoil. Even if the file doesn’t have a single seed, it is possible that all the necessary segments can be found by those present on the leech line (especially if there are a lot of them).

The most important link is on the right: “Download torrent”. After simply clicking on the link, the torrent opens in the μTorrent client (or any other that you have installed), and μTorrent asks where to put this file (or a group of files, for example, if it’s a DVD movie).

Edit the path if necessary (select another folder), click “OK” – and the selected file will be downloaded.

It appears in the μTorrent window under the “Download” section, and you can see all the information on it: how much it was downloaded, how much is left, how many people on the line of the seeds and peers, how long it takes to download (time, of course, varies considerably in the process).

Once the upload has been completed, the information about it will be moved to the “Ready” section and you will be shown how the distribution is done.

The rule of good manner on torrents is not to delete the distribution immediately after uploading, but leave the file (files) for some time by the principle “you – me, I – you”.

In addition, if the torrent tracker clearly follows the rating of “downloaded-distributed”, then it will be useful for you to hold the file for a few days to increase your rating.

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that the distribution from you will automatically begin after you have started downloading the file. Started downloading – became a peer, that is, a distributor. If you downloaded the whole file and left it – you became a seed.

From a legal point of view, if you download content with the help of the torrent client, not intended for free distribution, then you automatically become an accomplice in pirated distribution. This needs to be well understood. In the BitTorrent protocol itself, there is no such thing as “I just downloaded, but didn’t distribute”, because if you download, then you are already distributing it simply by definition.

So if you want to remain a law-abiding citizen, then download from torrents only legal content: works that have become public domain, free and shareware programs, free movies and videos.

Consider the example of μTorrent, as the process of downloading through the torrent.

Click the torrent file twice with the left mouse button. If you already have a client installed, the file will open with it, you will be prompted to select the folder to download and start it.

Make your choice and click OK. When the download is finished, the program will notify you that the download is complete.

After the file is fully or partially downloaded to your computer, you will also participate in its distribution to other users. The process of loading and distribution can be controlled, limited or paused.

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